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Where to buy Lazzaroni Amaretti Cookies in Toronto.

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I have a chocolate concoction in mind but I need the original Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno Amaretti cookies to make it happen because they have a bitterness that is unmatched by other brands that I've come across at Portuguese bakery across my house.

I really do not want to travel all the way up to Woodbridge - at least not until a I have a massive craving for gelato.


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  1. I did a google image search of the cookies to see if they look similar to a cookie now currently made at Alimento on King W. I think they may be very similar. They have a few flavours but the chocolate is fantastic IMO.

    1. Have you tried Cheese Boutique?

      1. I think Soma on King street has it.

        1. the loblaw in manulife centre has them sometimes

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          1. Thanks all. Will post my recipe if it proves to be a hit.

            1. Last year I bought them from the No Frills at Vic Park/Eglinton...go figure. There probably is no rhyme or reason as to which No Frills you may find them in as this area isn't predominately Italian. They were awesome though. I bought them after Christmas and they were clearning them out for $2/box.

              1. the best thing to do with these is to roll the paper into a little tube, stand it up on a saucer, light the top afire, and watch it float in the air like a tiny flaming balloon.