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Dec 6, 2012 08:50 PM

Eating near LAX

Looking for a place to eat before flying away late Saturday night. Often eat at Sam's by the Beach but would like to try something less "big night out" and perhaps edgier food. Read reviews of Hostaria del Piccolo, and Original Pico Seafood. Both interest, what else for a solo diner to enjoy before being locked uo in an aeroplane for 14 hours?

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  1. will you have your luggage or any other valuables in your car?
    how late is "late?"
    when does your flight leave? at what time do you need to be at the airport?

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    1. re: westsidegal

      Thanks for the response, have luggage, check in around 9.30

      1. re: bgorton

        then go to MB Post as wienermobile suggests.
        saturday night is probably their busiest night, and you would be going there at about their busiest time, so i'd call in advance to get the hostess' advice about how early to show up.
        dunno if they'd let you make a reservation for one.

    2. MB Post serves till 10:30 pm. 3 milies from LAX. Valet parking in front. Great small plates. Wonderful food.
      40% of the restaurant is set aside for walk-in at communal tables. Great for solo dining.

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