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Dec 6, 2012 08:33 PM

Holiday Treats 2012

just wondering if there are some delicious Christmas/ Hanukkah/ solstice/ whatever treats to try around town (Montreal). I usually get a stollen from La Mie Matinale each year but wondered if there are other good ones. Had anyone tried the buches from Kem Coba? I noticed Cerise sur le Gateau has a few holiday treats like a cookie assortment. I haven't tried it but their regular assorted cookies (chocolate, poppyseed, spice, and matcha) were very good.

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  1. Well Mamie Clafoutis has tons of seasonal goodies, altough too many dried fruits in most of them for my taste. There is however a spice cake/bread that I want to try, but haven't yet, it's made for two (and my household is fighting various stages of the cold right now...)

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        I love Mary Macleod's shortbread cookies from Holts. Delish!

      2. La Taza in Verdun has Muzzi's panettone by the slice. (You can also buy a whole one).

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          Any locally-made, quality panettoni to be found closer to Jean-Talon Market? (Villeray to Plateau, Petite-Italie to Saint-LĂ©onard)...

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            Have you tried Nicola Travaglini? If you go, take some focaccia too!

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              I certainly will look there. Don't even feel like walking to the market today - my work-at-home breaks are of the cooking variety (chakchouka!) Yes, their foccaccia is very good.

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                Glaff, I stopped by Nicola Travaglini on my way to the market, and indeed, they do have house-made panettoni - at least two kinds, one with chestnuts and a more classic type. Looked very good, and short list of quality ingredients. Not cheap of course - the chestnut panettone is $55, but it is good sized.

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            1. The shortbread at Le Gryphon on Monkland is pretty good. You have to reserve it in advance, though.

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                Reserve in advance? Maybe for large quantities, but I buy boxes all the time as gifts - no need to reserve. It's delicious indeed.

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                  I meant around Christmas you have to reserve. I went in on Saturday and they had run out so ordered some to pick up on Sunday. Unfortunately they were out of plum pudding!

                2. re: williej

                  Noticed their shortbread at Latina on St-Viateur today; plain & maple, individual wedges or boxed up (2 sizes). Very good!