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Dec 6, 2012 08:19 PM

Staying and eating on the Bourbon Trail

I am going on the BOURBON TRAIL in January and have reservations at the Shaker Village ( Is there a better place to stay ?). Are there any small distilleries like Black Maple Hill that I need to add to the list of larger distilleries ? I like to get off the beaten path....Also, any recommendations for
for restaurants would be great. Thanks for any help.....

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  1. I didn't know Black Maple Hill had a visitor's center or tour, especially since they don't distill their own bourbon. There aren't a lot of smaller distilleries along the main parts of the trail. Although it seems that there are some newer smaller bourbons that have come out of Lexington recently. Maybe some smaller and newer ones in Cincinatti and Owensboro, KY also. I haven't gotten around to trying them yet.

    There is a small craft distillery in Bowling Green, KY by the name of Corsair. They have some bourbon in the works but I don't think it is released yet. And they are the only place in KY you can get James Pepper bourbon which they produce for an out of state company. They specialize in small craft spirits like gin aged in oak and some really interesting whiskeys from off the wall grains and infused with hops, etc. The Rasputin hopped whiskey is really worth a try especially if you like imperial stout and ipa as much as whiskey.

    Midway has several good restaurants. Holly Hill is great for fine dining. Circa in Bardstown and plenty of options in Louisville or Lexington.

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      Thanks so much for the information . I appreciate your time.

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      1. Same question here. Looks like Circa is closed for the winter months. What's recommended in Holly Hill?