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Dec 6, 2012 07:38 PM

Lotta's Bakery (Polk St, SF)

I was on Polk Street today and walked into Lotta's Bakery because it looked interesting. They had many different things, but got a (large) slice of ginger bread ($3). I think it was described as having blackstrap molasses in it. It was excellent. Dense, moist, with a strong rich flavor, of course including ginger. That item bodes well for the rest of their things. Check it out if you're nearby.

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  1. Thanks-love gingerbread especially this time of year. Also, I have tried the Coffee Crunch cake at Lotta's Bakery and can recommend it as pretty close to Blums famous cake of past.

    1. Thanks for bringing up Lotta's again. It's been on my list to try for years and recently I was wondering if it was still in business. From past reports, sounds like a good place to check out for Jewish-style baked goods too.

      1. I just now saw this rave SF Weekly article about Lotta's (and the gingerbread). It's a link in Lotta's website Press section.