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Dec 6, 2012 07:01 PM

Looking for a place in Bala Cynwyd or nearby for motzaei shabbat

Will be in Bala Cynwyd for a bar mitzvah, and was wondering if there are any places open on motzaei shabbat for a light bite . . . soup, pasta, dessert, that type of thing. When the hubby and I got engaged in Bala Cynwyd 13 years ago, there was absolutely no place for us to go at 10:30 PM (in the summer) to celebrate (not even a Starbucks back then, not that we drink coffee anyway), but since it's now winter, and 13 years later, I thought things might have changed a bit. (P.S. We opened a bottle of wine and toasted ourselves!)

Hashgacha must be widely accepted; please no suggestions of IKC or KOA. If you eat those, that's fine, but we don't.

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  1. Is Citron and Rose open Sat night? I don't know their schedule, but that would be my first choice if they're open.

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      Thanks for the recommendation, however, from what I've seen, that seems like a full-meal sort of place. I was thinking of a place that could provide lighter fare, like just a bowl of soup, or coffee and cake. Maybe such a place just simply doesn't exist.

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        as far as i know citron and rose isnt open motzei shabbat, BUT for the record, my philly friends whove been and wrote me recc for my upcoming visit, their two major MUST haves are on the 1st course menu, so it might be interested if you were going in for a cocktail and an app

        they were the salad lyonaise, adn the celery root soup

    2. You may have to find a Starbucks, I dont thnk there is anything else around.

      1. Your bar mitzvah may have happened already, but starting next week, Citron and Rose is opening after shabbat.

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          does that mean this coming motzai shabbat, i mean purim?

          getting a little giddy