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Dec 6, 2012 06:21 PM

Shrimp Tempura with non Asian sides? Yes or No?

I always fry shrimp the way I grew up with it. Flour, eggwash/milk dip, flour again and fry. For this we always had potato salad, or cole slaw, maybe a cucumber salad, cocktail sauce, etc.

Would tempura fried shrimp be ok with the traditional (for me) sides? I've never even tasted tempura but I'd like to try it out during the christmas holidays at some point. I was just wondering if it would be just strange to not have asian accompaniments.

I'm thinking of doing this recipe:

That won't turn out with a long john silver's type batter will it?

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  1. if anyone complains that you're not keeping with the asian theme, tell them tempura is actually Portuguese. the jesuit missionaries introduced it to japan back in the 1500's

    1. Sure, it's just fried shrimp.

      1. They have potato salad, cucumber salad, etc in Japan, so I think you're fine. If you want to make sure your batter is light, use cold seltzer water and do not overmix.

        1. That recipe will yield a light and ethereal batter if you don't overwork it, keep the batter cold, and the oil is hot enough. As JungMann says, potato and cucumber salads are pretty common on the Japanese table (probably a little different from what you're used to making, but google for some recipes and I'm sure they won't be too difficult to reproduce).

          One thing about tempura that you may not have considered: it doesn't have a long shelf life. Tempura should be eaten pretty soon after it's cooked or the quality really suffers. Tempura-fried items are much more delicate than LJS-style fried items.

          1. When I last had tempura in japan, I got macaroni salado alongside, so I think you're fine.

            Besides, tempura = fried and really isn't all that different from other applications, except perhaps that North American fried shrimp doesn't come with the heads.