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Dec 6, 2012 05:40 PM

Lunchtime Potluck at Work

Does anyone have any good suggestions for food to bring for a lunchtime potluck at work? We have both ovens and microwaves to reheat the food.

I kind of want something that's a little out there (may or may not take much effort), but that at least 50% of the people would enjoy.

My first thoughts were either:
1. Herb Marinated Pork Tenderloin:
2. Rumballs

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    This is like grown up mac and cheese. I like it made with canned pumpkin.

    1. Tenderloin is tough to reheat w/out drying. I'd go for the rumballs. If you want to go w/ pork, I'd do something w/ pork shoulder maybe pulled pork or something along those lines.

      1. I like Italian sausage/onions/peppers in marinara sauce, cheap and easy, and it usually goes over well. Carries in a slowcooker and reheats well; also can reheat in glass baking dish in micro or oven. Bring rolls too if peeps want to make mini-sandwiches.