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Dec 6, 2012 05:30 PM

Crawfish etouffee in the French Quarter or CBD

Hi friendly chowhounders,

I'm visiting New Orleans this weekend and have a one-track mind: I need some excellent crawfish etouffee! My place of choice used to be Petunia's, but sadly they are no longer in business. Where should I go for the best crawfish etouffee, ideally in the French Quarter or CBD?


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  1. You'll pay for it but nobody does a better crawfish étouffée than K-Paul's.

    1. I liked the etouffee at Galatoire's. Some rave about Bon Ton's etouffee but I didn't like it at all. In fact I am still scratching my head over what they served me. Bon Ton did have excellent crawfish tails though.

      1. I am unaware of a top-notch etoufee in New Orleans at the moment. If you know a waiter at certain restaurants he'll go in the kitchen and make it himself but this is not a generally available option. And it is hard to get the crawfish fat you need to make it the real way.

        1. +1 on K Paul's. That's about it. Agree on Bon Ton. I don't like a roux-less etouffee.

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            That is odd since real etouffee has no roux.

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              We've moved a recipe for real etouffee to the Home Cooking board at

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                My wife's fraternal grandmother would agree with you, but I'm not weighing in on whether "real" etouffee has roux or not. I only said I don't like rouxless etouffee, since I've never had a rouxless etouffee that wasn't thin and watery. Butter and crawfish fat alone just aren't enough to make a rich and creamy etouffee. Roux changes everything, in my opinion.