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Dec 6, 2012 05:00 PM

Thoughts on the age old water - tap or bottled or you'll get what I give you

Shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday and marveling at the dozens of tour buses, we stopped for a quick burger (which was delicious ) at the Beverly Hills Diner, corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Rodeo (one block from Vidal Sassoon).

Sullen waitress who kept playing with her hair before, during taking and order and upon delivery asked what we wanted to drink. Just water please. Quick delivery of two bottles of water which being in the middle of a spirited conversation and being very thirsty, we opened. Egad! I looked on the menu and the bottle of water was $2.45, so we paid $5 for two bottles of non designer water, ie Arrowhead. Paying the bill, I asked why do you give a bottle of water when a customer asks for water and sullen waitress said, well you drank it didn't you.

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  1. Something to talk to management about... Although it may fall on deaf ears, given that it's a tourist trap.

    1. That's airport pricing! For me, the same water that they make ice out of is just fine.

      1. I'm completely with the waitress.

        Reality Check #1: Mistakenly or not, the waitress served you a sealed bottle of water, which you voraciously accepted, broke open, and drank without question. Did you seriously think you were drinking free tap water at that point? If a server brought you a food item that was obviously different and unmistakably more expensive than what you ordered, would you be in the right to complain about the error only after you finished eating it? Of course not.

        Reality Check #2: $2.45 is not an unusually high price for any bottled beverage in a restaurant, including bottled water (which is routinely the same price as bottled soft drinks), and especially not in that neighborhood. And the price for the restaurant's soft drinks was apparently right there on the menu for you to see:

        Reality Check #3: I haven't eaten there so I could be mistaken about this, but isn't Beverly Hills Diner a bit of a nostalgia joint? If so, the "sullen waitress who kept playing with her hair" may have been acting out a role. Still, even if that's not the restaurant's motif, I don't see how hers is the demeanor in this scenario that ultimately needs to be called into question.

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          Agreed w/ points 1 and 2 (no opinion about #3). I do think it's silly (and vaguely dishonest) that they didn't volunteer bottle vs. filtered, but if it comes in a sealed bottle and the price is on the menu, well....

          If you were going to make a complaint, I think the only valid one was that you were not given the option of filtered vs. bottled beforehand, had no explicitly asked for bottled, and thus were under the impression that the bottles that the waitress gave you were the only option.

          I once paid $5 for a *single* smallish bottle of designer water at a fancy hotel bar in Santa Monica (not necessarily my choice of venue since it was a friend's b-day). I thought the price was completely ludicrous, but it wasn't a surprise at all, alas.... And at least the nice glass bottles could be re-purposed for a single flower vase. ::snort::