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Byron's drive-inn to close

KaimukiMan Dec 6, 2012 04:32 PM

The details aren't clear, but sometime around the end of the year Byron's drive-in will be closing it's doors. The fee owner of the property has decided to redevelop and Byron's has no plans to relocate.


The end of an era, where to go for slush floats? shrimp and oyster burgers? fried zucchini, fried pickles, fried oreo's? Hamburger steak and roast pork swimming in artery cloggng brown gravy?

no no, say it ain't so!

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  1. KaimukiMan RE: KaimukiMan Dec 6, 2012 04:35 PM

    forgot to add the pic

    1. c
      curiousgeo RE: KaimukiMan Dec 6, 2012 08:15 PM

      Remember the sister (or brother) place in Kailua, Andy's Drive In? End of an era indeed.

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      1. re: curiousgeo
        KaimukiMan RE: curiousgeo Dec 7, 2012 09:54 AM

        Byron's, Andrew's, Orson's, Chinese Chuck Wagon, Chowder House, Fishmonger's wife. It was quite an operation.

        1. re: KaimukiMan
          curiousgeo RE: KaimukiMan Dec 7, 2012 10:22 AM

          Orson's at Ward Warehouse, I almost forgot about that place. A nice, reasonably priced seafood restaurant serving good food.

          1. re: curiousgeo
            KaimukiMan RE: curiousgeo Dec 7, 2012 11:01 AM

            I learned to like fish at Orson's. Dad was never a seafood fan, so we never ate it much. People took us to Orson's when we moved here in the mid '70's and talked me into ordering the Ahi instead of some chicken dish. It was a revelation . . . I never knew fish could taste like that. Didn't realize it didn't have to be well done (something I would never do to a steak or roast.) Many happy memories, Orson's was my birthday dinner choice for years.

            1. re: KaimukiMan
              manomin RE: KaimukiMan Dec 7, 2012 11:17 AM

              I really liked Orson's too. I liked their chowder and their rolls. It was always great to go there.

          2. re: KaimukiMan
            indelibledotink RE: KaimukiMan Dec 8, 2012 12:53 AM

            never had orson's but did try chowder house a few times.

            i remember flamingo chuck wagon, but a chinese one? do describe!

        2. j
          Joebob RE: KaimukiMan Dec 7, 2012 07:32 PM

          Strange, the way the places KMan favors are closing...Perhaps it relates to the architecture. Byron's certainly is distinctive!

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          1. re: Joebob
            manomin RE: Joebob Dec 8, 2012 10:22 AM

            Joebob - how was lunch at Roy's? I like their burger and crispy fries!

            1. re: manomin
              Joebob RE: manomin Dec 8, 2012 01:03 PM

              The lunch menu is tiny; only about a dozen pupus, and there were no French pinots in the wine list, but what I had (mizo butterfish, buttery seared ahi, and red veal pot stickers) were nicely presented and VERY good, particularly with the accompanying sauces, and the wine and company were delightful. However, under the circumstances, I cannot weigh in on the Waikiki vs. Hawaii Kai Roy's discussion.

              1. re: Joebob
                manomin RE: Joebob Dec 8, 2012 05:44 PM

                Well you couldn't really since HK does not even have a lunch service. Try dinner sometime. I enjoyed meeting them on Tuesday night at HWAK.

                1. re: manomin
                  Joebob RE: manomin Dec 8, 2012 07:36 PM

                  We should get together with KMan at some Truck Fest some time, but I'm not usually in town. Sorry about that. But if either of you discover a hidden gem, I'll come in for a meat/meet-up there!

                  1. re: Joebob
                    manomin RE: Joebob Dec 10, 2012 04:13 PM

                    we should meet up at Whole Ox sometime. I could go for one of their yummy burgers!

                    1. re: manomin
                      killersmile RE: manomin Dec 10, 2012 04:41 PM

                      Just a reminder that they are no longer open for breakfast. Lunch and dinner only.

                      1. re: manomin
                        KaimukiMan RE: manomin Dec 10, 2012 06:22 PM

                        Whole Ox isn't a bad idea, I was thinking Aiea Bowl was equally remote from all of us.

              2. re: Joebob
                KaimukiMan RE: Joebob Dec 9, 2012 10:02 AM

                yes Joebob, the original portion was the classic spaceship design of the 50's/60's, then they tacked a lanai on one side. the kaimuki zippy's was a similar design theme, but also renovated over the years to obscure it's origins. and many kama'aina recall when virtually every mcdonald's on the island had a large outdoor lanai for dining, not an enclosed air conditioned noisy crowded dining area that they have now.

                orson's was one of the original ward warehouse tenants, a building that was originally intended to stand for 10 - 15 years while victoria ward properties decided what to build there, and has now been around for about 40. the other wong restaurants weren't quite as interesting for the most part.

                and yes, i admit that i don't have the aversion to some foods that many chowhounds find objectionable like plate lunch, canned goods, and hot dogs. which doesn't mean I don't love artisanal cheese, fresh picked vegetables, or a pairings meal from a great restaurant.

                and yes, would love to go eat with you folks sometime! maybe a post holiday meal somewhere.

                1. re: KaimukiMan
                  Joebob RE: KaimukiMan Dec 9, 2012 12:47 PM

                  I have no objection to plate lunches (or any food really) if they are good-value-for-the-money or innovative. The latest place I have enjoyed is the Filipino lunch truck on the NW corner of Kapiolani and Ward. I'd order ANYTHING they'd care to serve me. I can't tell you the name, despite taking two business cards, because I gave one to my chiropractor and the other to B. Hunt.

                  I wish you could have joined us for dinner at Mavro. It was a grand occasion.

                  I haven't been to Whole Ox yet...

                  1. re: Joebob
                    killersmile RE: Joebob Dec 10, 2012 10:53 AM

                    Are you talking about Crave Okoy? I saw it, but haven't had the chance to try it yet.

                    1. re: killersmile
                      Joebob RE: killersmile Dec 10, 2012 06:51 PM

                      Yes, Crave Okoy. I like it and think of it as 'Nouvelle Filipino' The chef might move on to a brick-and-mortar store some day. It is that good. I will be there Wed. about 12:15-12:30 to take out whatever they are serving.

              3. j
                Joebob RE: KaimukiMan Dec 10, 2012 06:48 PM

                Aiea bowl certainly does have some of the best oxtail soup on Oahu. Kitty corner, there is also Golden Wheel, which has good cake noodle and sizzling oysters.

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                1. re: Joebob
                  russkar RE: Joebob Dec 10, 2012 07:23 PM

                  Regarding Ox Tail Soup I think you will be amazed at Sala Thai's Ox Tail Soup (only on some Sundays) compared to Aiea Bowls.
                  We really like your "find" Kyung's on King St for the best Poke in Honolulu. #1 Ahi wins hands down. Also the Mandoo & Kalbi are darn good.
                  How did you like Mavro's? Just went a couple of weeks ago or would have attended.

                  1. re: russkar
                    Joebob RE: russkar Dec 10, 2012 09:57 PM

                    We had the most interesting and complex dessert I've had in years, and everything else was great too.

                    1. re: Joebob
                      manomin RE: Joebob Dec 10, 2012 10:48 PM

                      Where? What dessert?

                      1. re: manomin
                        Joebob RE: manomin Dec 11, 2012 01:12 AM

                        At Mavro. It was a stick of chocolate stuff with chevril and sea salt and a schmeer of caramel, etc. etc. Hunt undoubtedly can describe it better.

                2. KaimukiMan RE: KaimukiMan Jan 18, 2013 08:00 PM

                  I was out near the airport today so i stopped by Byrons, wondering if it would be my last meal there. They have posted February 28, 2013 as their last day of business. The gas station next door is already closed.

                  I was going to get hamburger steak, but one of the specials was roast pork, couldn't pass that up (sorry Geo.) It was a lot of food, just finished the other half as dinner, and if I was being good I probably could have stretched it into 3 meals.

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