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Dec 6, 2012 04:28 PM

beef stew veggies?

I am making beef stew and I was wondering do you cooked cubed potatoes in the stew or serve them with it? I have heard both. I just want some other opinions. If you serve them on the side do you serve them mashed or boiled or some other way?Btw the stew has carrots,celery,onions and mushrooms going in when the beef is tender. Is that enough?

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  1. Oh baby it has to have those potatoes cooked in. That's the best part!! I'd literally be angry of I were served beef stew without potatoes.

    1. I normally add diced potatoes to my beef stew. The starch in the potatoes helps to thicken up the stew.

      1. Yes,add the potatoes to the stew while it continues cooking....yummm!

        1. Yes. I also love sweet potatoes in it.

          1. Anyone want to give an estimate when they need to go in? I know that carrots,celery and onions are forgiving but potatoes are not. I can boil a potato, but simmering in stew and not turning it to mealy mush has me concerned.

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              I start my stew with the onions, fresh rosemary and dried herbs. About half way through I add the carrots. Perhaps 45 min to an hour before serving I add the potatoes and mushrooms. I add fresh parsley shortly before serving.

              If I am planning to freeze some of it I remove that portion prior to adding the potatoes. Potatoes tend to break down in the freezer. I can easily reheat and add them when I serve the dish in the future.

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                Questions asked and answered. Thanks bunches. I am not freezing any this time but thanks for the tip. I have the beef and onions in and they were browned together. Gonna add the carrots and celery next. I was going to add them all together with the taters and shrooms.

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                  I like the potatoes to still have a little tooth to them. I like the carrots to be a little softer.

                  Beef stew is such a perfect dish for cold nights!

                  1. re: suzigirl

                    I think it also depends on the kind of potatoes. Yukon gold/red potatoes and that type that longer than russets.