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Dec 6, 2012 04:10 PM

she's kosher, I'm not..

planning to take a friend out for dinner but she only eats kosher. since the only kosher place I've been to its 2nd avenue deli for a pastrami sandwich, Im looking to you guys for some help. what are some good kosher restaurants in Manhattan that I would enjoy as well.
near union square would be the best area for me but willing to venture out for a good place that won't be too harsh on my pockets.

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  1. It may be easier to search for somewhere that is vegetarian friendly so she'll have plenty of options.

    See also:

    When is the dinner? Given that it is the holiday season, many of the usual suspects will be fully booked or very busy, especially near Union Square. And even more so if it is a weekend night you wish to dine on.

    How much do you want to spend, per person, before tax, tip, and wine/cocktails?

    1. Noah's Ark is downtown on Grand St. , Ben's is further uptown. The Prime Grill is on E.49th and has the best food of all the kosher restaurants I know in Manhattan. It's a much nicer and fancier atmosphere than the Delis like 2nd Ave. Its more of a steak house with many other dishes. The salmon is even good there, but if you eat meat the steak or rack of lamb is the way to go. It is expensive. But it is Glatt Kosher. The Chef trained at the 21 Club.

      1. My kosher-keepin' pal and I go to Caravan of Dreams, which is vegan in addition to being kosher. It's not so far from Union Square, the menu is creative, and the food's very nice. Kosher restaurants that serve meat always seem ridiculously expensive to me, but at the risk of giving you a heart attack, I'll also throw Wolf & Lamb out there. Kosher-keepin' pal thinks the steak there is terrific. I can only vouch for the mesclun salad and the fries, which were fine, and they damn well better be, considering the prices.

        1. Prime Grill is a kosher steak house that is very, very good. I am not kosher myself and usually go to Lugar's but this place deserves its 24 from Zagats in my opinion.

          1. Consider Chennai Garden. Vegetarian Indian from Tamil Nadu (Madras, aka Chennai is its capital), Gujarat, and other parts of the country.

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