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Manchester NH, 36 Lowell St

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  • kenb Dec 6, 2012 03:52 PM
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Has anything opened in Manchester NH at 36 Lowell St? The former site of Richards Bistro and 36 Delux. I rode by yesterday and saw a sign I thought said 110 something.

Ken B

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  1. I'm surprised no one has responded yet. The new restaurant in the place of the former Richard's Bistro and then 36 Deluxe is named 11 Eleven Bistro.

    Website: http://www.11elevenbistro.com/index.html

    There is some solid experience behind the new venture (the 'About' page on their site offers background), so I expect they should do well once people find them.

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    1. re: Dave B

      Thanks Dave B

      80 people plus another dining room? They must have expanded! I'm disappointed that they don't serve lunch, but probably better to focus on dinner only.

      Ken B

      1. re: kenb

        Just a hunch, but I expect they would add lunch at some point. Maybe they want to get up and running first in good form with dinner service. Not the worst idea, I think. The downtown business crowd lunch business is something I can't imagine them ignoring for long, even if only Tues-Fri.