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Dec 6, 2012 02:55 PM

Quality Meats with a toddler?

We are planning on going to see the lighting of "The Worlds Largest Menorah" at Grand Army Plaza (the one in Manhattan) on Saturday evening. The lighting is not until 830, so we are interested in a six o' clock reservation. We would really like to eat at Quality Meats, but will be with our 2 1/2 year old son. We have taken him to other restaurants that Yelp indicates "Not Good for Kids", and have always enjoyed the experiences - and believe that the staff and other diners have enjoyed it too. Our son is quite well behaved and familiar with restaurant dining. He has pretty decent taste for a kid his age - at our last meal out he dined on mussels in white wine and garlic. Some other places that Yelp considers "Not Good for Kids" that he has been to include Bar Americain, Uncle Jack's, William Hallett in Astoria, and Salt & Fat in well, he has eaten with us in various neighborhood pubs. So, normally I wouldn't think twice, but I have a friend who recently gave me a bit of a complex about EVER dining out anywhere with a young child after 5pm. Of course, her almost three year old almost exclusively eats hot dogs and mac & cheese and I am not sure she eats at the dining room table at home that much, nevermind at a restaurant. I am annoyed at myself for letting another person make me question my choices, but with all of this background information AND your insight into dining at Quality Meats, do you think it is an appropriate enough choice for my husband, son, and I, at 6pm Saturday???

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  1. I was there at 6pm on a Saturday night a few weeks ago. We sat by a man and his young daughter, who was older than a toddler but only by a few years I think. The service was incredibly nice to them, their server even helped her cut up her steak. I think you should be fine.