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Dec 6, 2012 02:31 PM

Something different with tuna steaks?

I find myself with a couple of yellowfin steaks tonight that I'm not sure what to do with. I'm kind of burnt out on variations salad nicoise and various generic Asianish marinades. I've tried most of the recipes on Epicurious for this cut. Does anyone have recommendations for a more unique preparation?

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  1. have you tried the Bon Appétit recipe for fennel-crusted tuna with lemon aioli? i love that one. i'm also partial to a wasabi & sesame seed crust on tuna steaks, but i serve them with a tamari-ginger dipping sauce that would probably be too "Asian" for you. cilantro pesto is also delicious with tuna, as are Moroccan flavors like ras-al-hanout and harissa.

    this is another one of my simple favorites, though i don't know if you can get your hands on decent tomatoes right now:

    1. Okay - I know you said you're bored with "generic" marinades, but here's one of my own that's a big-time favorite around here. Use it for both beef & tuna steaks with equally good results. For tuna steaks, depending on thickness, I marinate for 30 to 60 minutes.

      BACARDI1 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 MARINADE

      In a plastic ziplock bag, bowl, or dish large enough to hold the meat/fish & marinade, combine:

      1 tablespoon of soy sauce
      2 tablespoons of dry sherry
      3 tablespoons of oil (any type of your choosing)
      4 garlic cloves, peeled, smashed, & roughly chopped

      Add meat/fish & marinate for a minimum of one hour to overnight (one hour maximum for fish). Grill, broil, or pan sauté meat as desired.

      Don't want to marinate? Another "go to" for us has been to slather the tuna steaks with a good mustard (commercial "Wasabi Mustard" & "Blue Cheese Mustard" have been favorites) before broiling/grilling. Have also enjoyed them topped with a good olive tapenade &/or feta cheese, chopped red onion, capers - basically a Greek-style prep. Then there's always just topping the hot steaks with an herb-laced compound butter. And "Au Poivre" anyone? Press steaks into some coarsely-ground black pepper before cooking & serve topped with butter pats - or, if you're feeling decadent, the same cognac-laced sauce used for "Steak Au Poivre" or "Steak Diane".

      Actually, for tuna you can experiment with many preparations that are normally used for beef steaks.

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        Yum, Bacardi! That looks wonderful! I will be trying this soon! And I was just going to say, aren't you the ones who put that yummy sounding blue cheese mustard on yours?? Then I re read your post!!

        1. re: Dirtywextraolives

          Yup - I'm the "Blue Cheese Mustard" fan - lol!!

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            Oh wow, do share!! We must have been separated at birth as blue cheese and mustard might be 2 of my favorite "foods"

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              There's really not much to share except the link to Stonewall Kitchen's website:


              I don't buy it online; just pick it up when I need it locally, as nearly every single little gourmet &/or gift shop around here carries Stonewall Kitchen products. Good stuff.

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                Great, thanks for the link. I thought it was something you whipped up but will certainly be on the lookout. Have you seen it in more specialty type grocery stores like Wegman's or Trader Joe's which tend to carry a broader range of products?

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              What's your favorite way to use it?

              1. re: fldhkybnva

                We use it as a simple dip for pretzels, or spread it on tuna or swordfish steaks before grilling or broiling. It's very nice - mild but still zippy, with an underlay of blue cheese flavor.

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                I spotted the blue cheese mustard at Harris Teeter last night and grabbed it and it's neighbor the roasted garlic mustard. I tried with a slice of warm bread and it's a bit much for me but perhaps in a more savory dish the flavor wouldn't be so in your face.

          2. No marinade....Just grill and enjoy!

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              +1 nothing quite like the taste of a perfectly tuna steak seared rare

            2. Confit it in warm EVOO with some herbs, then chunk it up and make a tuna salad with capers, cornishon pickles, red onion, chives, home made mayo and lemon juice.

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              1. I'm probably too late, but this one is *stellar*...the sauce is to die for:

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                  haha! i KNEW that if you saw this thread you'd suggest that one :)

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                    (^_^) it is SO good...haven't had it in ages...and YES to undercooking that tuna!!!