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Dec 6, 2012 02:23 PM

Green Bean Almondine

Out of so any fabulous things I can make, I was aksed to bring this to a party. I have made plenty of beans before, but I never really added the almonds to it.

Can someone help me out? I need to make enough for 45 people. Was thinking of sauteing some shallots also with them? Do the almonds get cooked also, or thrown in at the end?

Thanks for any help!!

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  1. Fry slivered almonds in butter and salt and sprinkle them over the top of the beans at serving time so they will stay crisp. Use more than you think you will need. Sliced almonds are more traditional, but the slivered ones are more crisp. Shallots are nice thinly sliced, floured, and fried quickly until brown and crisp, then used also as a last-minute topping for beans.

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      That how I do it. I flash cook the beans until crisper/tender, drain and dunk in ice water to stop the cooking and put aside. Once the almonds are fragrant and golden brown I remove about half and add the beans to the pan and toss well so they are coated in butter and almonds. Remove to a serving dish and top with reserved almonds.

    2. Thanks sandlyc and foodiex2!! I know something so simple..yet I have never made it. Silly, right?

      Anyway, thanks for the help!! I feel more at ease!

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        The advice already given is as good as it can get....I'll only add that I surmise you do not have a large fry pan to heat all the beans at one time. To do this for a large party, I would have a large stock pot ready with hot water. Drop your flash cooked green beans into the hot water for less than a minute so you can heat them, but still retain the bright green color. Transfer them to a large mixing bowl or the serving dish you intend to use.

        In your fry pan, heat the butter or oil and crisp your almonds.

        Dress the beans with the butter and almonds.

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          Thanks forunder!!! I still cannot fathom I am making this dish!! I know it sounds crazy, but why are the simple things so difficult for me??