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Dec 6, 2012 01:58 PM

What to get at The Harrison? Or suggest another restaurant in that range...

A friend is taking me for a thank you dinner and suggested a few places, amongst them The Harrison. Does anyone love this place and want to suggest what's great there? Or... does anyone want to suggest other places in that price range? Any type of cuisine is welcome! Thanks!

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  1. The shrimp corn fritters are good and for a main course the Arctic Char is good. I find the Harrison
    to be hit and miss, I've had excellent meals there and really bad ones. Usually the fish dishes are good. I prefer Tiny's for the scallops or the Greenwich Grill's tasting menu. Both in same price range as Harrison and both within 6 blocks of the Harrison.

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      Thanks, foodwhisperer. I'm sort of not feeling that place, so you've confirmed it. I'll take a look at your recommendations!

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        Agree about the Harrison, had a mediocre meal there and it wasn't cheap. So many other places to eat. We ordered the fried claims and we were served clam strips! When I asked the waiter why they don't serve whole belly clams, and why it wasn't stated on the menu, he said their customers prefer the strips. What?

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            Sorry, I did just rant about the Harrison without offering any help. Honestly I can't recommend any places in Tribeca except Brushstroke. If in that general area, I would go to Chinatown, Shanghai Cafe, Noodle Village or my favorite of the moment, though I know many disagree, is Red Egg.