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Dec 6, 2012 01:57 PM

Good fruit tart recipes?

Fruit tarts (made in a 9" or 4" fluted french pans) from U.S. bakeries are my favorite food. Unfortunately, I find most recipes posted online to be so-so at best(tart shells that taste stiff--almost factory-made--instead of flaky and pastry creams that taste bland despite additional sugar or vanilla.).

So far, I've tried Joy of baking's recipe(yuck), italian fruit tarts(best tart shell so far), class french recipes and King Authur's with mediocre results. Most important is my need for a good pastry cream recipe that doesn't taste bland.

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  1. My standard crust recipe for tarts of this nature is Dorie Greenspan's: It's crisp, buttery and just sweet enough.

    As for pastry cream, I'm not a big fan of standard pastry cream (milk, flour or cornstarch, egg, sugar), but I don't mind it if it's cut half and half with whipped cream - it makes it a little lighter, less goopy, and IMO more flavorful. You could also do half pastry cream and half whipped creme fraiche if you like a little tang to your filling.

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      I'm going to have to try that recipe. In the picture, the blogger pressed the edges of the tart crust in first, it looks like. I've always done the center first and then up the sides but I think doing the edges first might be a better way to go. Thanks for sharing the link.

      I love diplomat cream. I find it far more addicting than regular pastry cream. It has of an intense flavor than a regular pastry cream, which might not be what the OP wants.

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        Thanks. This pastry crust recipe sounds amazing (the picture in my original post is an Italian tart/shell--decent but boring and never browns). Maybe powdered sugar is key. I will try this soon using a butter cutter--no food processor... Arhghhh.

        I also dislike the gooeyness of regular pastry cream... Diplomat cream looks like it might be good, but do you mean "substituted" by "cut" or both liquids whipped and combined? Thanks again for all the great tips!

        1. re: jjaylad

          Whipped cream gently folded into the pastry cream.