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Trappist Beer

Does anyone know where in Calgary I could get a hold of some Belgian Trappist Beers, specifically Westfalle or Orval. Or if anyone knows which store might have the best selection of Belgian beer. Thanks

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  1. Try Co-op, give them a call.

    1. Willow Park Wines & Spirits has a few. Best to call ahead.

      1. Kensington Wine Market carries a large variety of beers.
        They have Orval and Westmalle in stock.

        1. I used http://www.liquorconnect.com and found Orval at number of places in calgary

            1. thanks prarielily did not know about Trappist beer splurged and got the fancy stuff "westvleteren 12"

              1. Going to Belgium in May....hopefully we'll down a couple of pints of the good stuff!

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                  Do your homework on the beer. Some Trappist and other places have limited hours or require reservations. Still, you could also spend a lifetime bar-hopping and never be bored.

                  Don't miss the Beef Carbonnade and of course, moules et frites. The moules are different from here, very small, but tasty. And enjoy the x-rated chocolate shops!

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                    LOL. we'll have the kids with us. that said, they've toured their fair share of wineries and oogled the 'lady boys' in Thailand right along with us.
                    Of COURSE we'll be eating moules et frites everyday. that is the plan. We're starting out in Paris, where we plan on eating anything with gluten in it.
                    I wonder if there is a site for these breweries...I'm already doing all the reservations and planning by myself. It's pretty overwhelming already!

                  2. +1 on willow park liquor store. we have bought several different brands there.

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                      Yes, I just went out and bought an Orval and an Achel. Willow park is a dangerous area for me. I have a nasty habit of visiting all the shops. So I left with croissants from COBBS, beer from WP, Belgian Cheese from the cheese shop and some crab cakes. And it could have been much worse...