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Dec 6, 2012 12:51 PM

Victory Burger - Oakland

New place next to Actual Cafe (Alcatraz at San Pablo). Long line at lunchtime today.

Burgers (Acme Kaiser roll), banh mi, arepas, fries, fried pickles, shakes, vegan stuff.

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  1. Victory Burger is actually on the alcatraz backside of Actual Cafe. Hit a sweet spot post 2. no one in line. small kitchen. seating in and out about 30 people. everyone's super friendly and helpful.

    eats: victory burger (five dot ranch patty,8) medium rare
    -was on substitute bun, they ran out of kaiser rolls.
    -meat juicy, moist, tender, not flavorful though
    -would rate victory burger above average burgers and below trueburer, 510 burger,
    -lots of add ons availabe for .50, $!, $2.

    1. Went to Victory last week,I had the Victory burger with Swiss cheese and a small order of fries.
      Everything was very good.

      The burger came perfectly cooked medium as ordered and had a great quality beef and grilled flavor(mine could have used a tad more salt).
      I liked the quality smaller tasty Acme bun.
      Plus it came with a few assorted pickled vegetables.

      I watched the Cook and he did not smash the burgers as they cooked like they do at Barney's and Val's, I never return to places that do that cardinal sin of Burger cooking.

      Fries were tasty and hot and a good value at $2.

      The only negative is the very small space and that the register where you order is in a really bizarre spot that clogs the small space even more.

      You can take your food next door and eat at Actual Cafe if you wish? They are kinda connected and share bathrooms. Actual Cafe was also crowded at 1:30,do they still have their tasty Empanada plate?

      Thumbs up addition to the area!

      1. I tried Victory the other day and opted for the veggie burger. The meal was so disappointing that I don't know if I'll return for the meat. I had high hopes because the menu looks good. I might have to go back for a beef burger just to be fair after this critical post. Also they win big points for naming their meat sources on their menu.

        The "grilled" sourdough was actually pan fried - it's so common that restaurants call this grilled, but it's incorrect, isn't it? The bread was greasy and way too thickly sliced to get my mouth around comfortably. The burger seemed to have not one drop of salt. It also lacked crunch or carmelization, which a good housemade veggie patty should have. It was soft, fell apart and was a mess.

        The fixings were iceberg lettuce, bland tomato, and a light spread of cilantro aioli. There was a deli-cut pickle on the side. I think you should serve a pickle sliced when you know I might want to put it on my burger.

        One last frustration. With ingredients as fancy as "chicken skin mayo", why wouldn't you offer dijon mustard with your burgers? They only had yellow mustard.

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        1. re: eldub

          I liked the veggie burger patty although I only had one bite, but thought the veggie arepa was lacking due to the disjointed elements falling apart. Didn't have the same complaints about the bun. The fries were not good, but the fried vegetables were OK. I agree that the condiments were pretty lame. Hot sauce wasn't hot and also wasn't really flavorful at all. Kinda tasted off/plasticky almost. The lack of good mustard was annoying too. I also generally think the lack of a chicken or turkey burger on the menu is weak! Chicken banh mi is just not really doing it for me---there is no way their chicken banh mi can hold a candle to the many good ones around here and why put it on a menu for a place called "victory burger"?

          Probably won't go back. Next up is trueburger, Moxie's turkeyburger, Tribune Tavern, and FlipSide for the hunt for decent burgers.

          I just got an impression from Victory Burger that they had already arrived, rather than working to improve a new and unproven spot (probably because of the association with the next door Actual Cafe).

          1. re: eldub

            Restaurants often say "grilled" when they actually use a griddle.

          2. I tried a cheeseburger here recently and wasn't too impressed. The fries were really good and crispy. Like shanghaikid, I found the burger, despite its five dot ranch pedigree, and noticeable juciness, didn't have that much flavor. Part of my disappointment is my fault, as I failed to realize that housemade ketchup came standard on the burger, and that sweet flavor profile isn't something I enjoy.