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Dec 6, 2012 12:33 PM

Christmas dinner and day after?

Planning a quick trip to Vegas, driving there on Christmas day, and I have many questions!

- Is everything going to be crazy crowded? I've read horror stories about 5 hour waits at buffets....

- Do I absolutely need a reservation for Christmas dinner? Even if planning to eat late? Would I be nuts to just take my chances?

- How much are prices jacked up, web sites seem to mostly not mention this. (Some coyly refer to "special holiday pricing." ;)

- On the 26th and maybe 27th, will prices be back to usual?

- Suggestions for best places? Not wanting to spend enormous amounts of money, but probably willing to go for one dinner in $50 range. I know that's not a lot, esp. for the Strip, but budget is very tight this year.....

- Doesn't have to be a buffet, but I am an enthusiastic omnivore, traveling with a gluten-free vegetarian! So buffets often work out best, giving us both options. She sometimes eats fish, and at those times sushi is a big hit. I'm fine with sushi, but not hugely enthusiastic. Ideas?

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  1. What price range are you looking for when you have your "nice" dinner. You may want to edit your the last part of your post as the moderators have very strict rules about non food related posts or questions.

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      Thanks, Eric. Modified post to delete non-chow questions (I was kind of trying to sneak them in ;), and I also deleted the word "nice" - my price range is definitely not in that category.

      I will probably tend towards the cheaper to mid-range end of of the scale, even for buffets, and would love to know which are the better lower-priced ones. I may splurge on one $50-ish dinner.

      On the other end of the spectrum I just read a post from a couple of months ago about special holiday dinner at e - $325 per person, with optional beverage pairing of addition $250 per person. Holy crap. I want to eat for a month for that money. ;)

      1. re: arb

        Regarding e - I'll let you know if it was worth it. :-) Some meals are worth more than others.

        I've never been, but Public House at Venetian seems to have a really good Prix Fixe deal for Christmas day. I'll personally be opting for Nobhill Tavern that night.

    2. arb,

      Late December is generally the slowest time in Las Vegas, but the hordes come in before New Year's Eve. Just when they come in depends a lot in the calendar. In this case, the weekend before NYE begins on the 28th, so my guess is that town won't be crowded until then.

      Since you'll have a car, why not eat most of your meals off-Strip? There are so many places where you can eat well for under $50 off-strip: Lotus and Chada for Thai; Made in Italy for Roman pizza; Monta for great ramen; see Mr Taster's recent report with terrific Taiwanese and Vietnamese possibilities; Tacos El Gordo or Las Mexicana for Mexican street food; I Love Arepas for, well, Arepas. Eat enough of the cheaper meals and you might be able to splurge on, say, Charlie Palmer's for the Cut of the Week. In general, the value is so much better for moderately-priced dinners off-strip, that I'd encourage the strategy of eating relatively inexpensively for most nights and then taking one splurge on the strip where you might exceed the $50 limit.