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Dec 6, 2012 12:24 PM

desperately seeking kari kari ume

Hi! I am trying to locate kari kari ume in the Vancouver area (green preferred over red, but I'll take anything at this point). Has anyone seen them? I've tried Fujiya, Sakuraya, T&T, Konbiniya (Konbiniya even had them on their website but it turns out they don't carry them).

Yaohan is next on my list but I'd love to know if anyone knows for sure that they have them.

All online sources I've found are either sold out or don't ship to Canada.

Kari kari ume:


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  1. From the Amazon link 'winkled or unwinkled'?

    1. they have individually wrapped pickled ume at Daiso in Aberdeen Centre. It's in the snacks section in the upper floor. Last time I check, they had the red package(pickled plum), and green package(honey pickled plum)..

      The green one is sweeter and honey taste but it is kinda soft texture inside, crunch. The red package plums are very crunchy, sour. really good and wake u up!

      1. I was really addicted to those green ume for a while. I haven't seen them anywhere in Vancouver but will keep my eyes open.

        I would try China World while you are in Richmond.

        Yaohan has an Osaka in there which is almost the exact same thing as T&T. They are both owned by Loblaws - I shop at both and have not noticed any difference.

        1. The original comment has been removed