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Dec 6, 2012 12:02 PM

Need authentic Chinese food south of Boston

Have to meet family south of Boston and need good rec for good Chinese food somewhere between Cape and Boston. I know Quincy has some good places if anyone can recommend. Anywhere else not too far off 93 south or Route 3. Chinatown is out, they don't want to come into city!!!

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  1. As you would have discovered by searching this board, there's an outpost of Sichuan Gourmet (AKA Lao Sichuan) in Sharon. I've been there a couple of times, and their cooking has not disappointed. Their head chef works hard at keeping the cooking consistent at all four restaurants, and he's justifiably proud of that, since he succeeds.

    But their Chinese and Americanese dishes are mixed up on the menu, so you'll want to get the manager on duty to help you with ordering. At least some of the time, that's the master chef--he splits his time between Sharon and Framingham.

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      The Sharon suggestion is good advice. I always end up at Chinatown located on route 27 Stoughton, on the left once you go thru the Cobbs corner light north from Sharon.

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        What do you like there liberty? For when I'm looking for a change from Sichuan in Sharon.

    2. I love the chinese food in Quincy. These are real chinese food recommendations btw, not americanized chinese food. For Dim Sum I recommend China Pearl. They have an english menu that allows you to mark off what you want or point it out to the waiters and they will get it for you. They also have a hot station with servers with some of their specials so you can point out what you want. They only have a minimal amount of carts. To just beat the rush 11AM is perfect on Saturday or Sunday. If you're looking for dinner I highly recommend South Garden (same plaza). They have excellent seafood and make all dishes well there. They have a chinese menu and english one but you will be able to order some great dishes off the english one. Ask for their specials!

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        if it doesn't have to be chinese and your group likes Vietnamese there is a great place in the same Plaza as China Pearl in Quincy. Of course the name escapes me but its Pho Something.

        If you have time hit the Kam Am market afterwards for dessert. They have a great pastry section when you walk in the main door of the market, adjacent to the produce section. Plus you can pick up great some great foodie stocking stuffers.

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          I agree with FoodieX2, the vietnamese place is very good if you like that type of food. It's called Pho Countryside. I also really like Ka-Man market as well. Love those roast pork buns when they don't sell out!

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            <<head slap>> Pho Countryside! Why couldn't I remember that?

            And I have heard tell of these Pork Buns but they are always gone by the time we get there, usually mid afternoon on a Sunday. Whats the best time to go??

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              I've seen them there after Dimsum on a Sunday around 12-1230...If you go midafternoon you are probably getting there after the entire dim sum crowd (500-1000 people?). And they love their pork buns! It's very hit or miss though as they are probably the most popular item. You can always get baked pork buns which are very good at dim sum at China Pearl.

      2. For more authentic Cantonese style food, the recommendations above are great. I'd also recommend Grand Chinatown restuarant in Quincy as well. For szechuan/mandarin, Mandarin King on Quincy Ave. in Quincy is excellent as well (just before the Fore River Bridge on Rte. 3a).

        If you want a fancier place, one that's a bit more Americanized and serves a mixture of Asian cuisine in addition to Chinese, there's a place at the Hingham Shipyard called Zendo. It's pretty good food, and very nice atmosphere.