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Dec 6, 2012 11:58 AM

Reporting back on Shanghai

Thanks to the ppl who helped with ideas :-) I hope that readers might get some ideas from my expirience.

FU 1039 - awful meal and service. It might have been my early arrival solo without reservation at 17:15 at midweek, but i felt like they are doing me a favour for seating me, actually would have been nice if they would have turned me off, cause the food was the worst i got in this trip.
Miserable soup with diced lotus root, tasteless stuff. An akward pork belly terrine like first, that was awful too. Worst dish was probably the "half" tea smoked duck with fried tea leaves, I don't know even where to start, maybe in the face that the meat was cold, over smoked in a disgusting way and actually, uncooked to the level of hard to eat.
Let's leave the food aside - the service was non existent, i felt like an unwanted visitor. Neglection, weird sterns from staff, embarresing expirience.

Hengshan Cafe - my my, what a lovely place :-) I found myself coming back for 3 straight nights, what probably brought some laughter from the nice staff people. I tried many many items, desserts and their excellent Jelly drink or two, al items were great cooked food, except for too oily stir fried eel dish. Their roasts are top notch, and the opportunity to try roat goose was great.

Yue 1525 - great setting, service and dim sum. Surprisingly - nice prices for a pretty nice hotel ran place. Had a great dim sum vareity meal there with very nice service for "solo diner", i think it is better to get there, or to city restos in general, a bit after the lunch and evening rush house (around 13:45 and 20:00).

Southern Barbarian - Liked this place also, another winner. No nonsense place and some very interesting Yunan food dishes, great preparation and flavours. Did not enjoy this one like Hengshan, but for sure enjoyed it very much.

Ding Tan Fei Super Brands mall - very average dinner there, service was better then the food itself, very nice waitres stuff :-) There is for sure a difference between eating dumpling items there vs a place like yue , and the prices there btw at Ding - not cheaper at all.

That's more or less, thanks for the help !

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  1. Glad you liked Hengshan... I probably have Buttertart to thank for steering me there.

    What did you have at Southern Barbarian?

    FU? .... does that stand for Felix Unger?

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      Hi Steve, thanks for the help :-) Hengshan was a true winner and a big "relief" after the bad service at fu 1039. No clue what this fu stands for :-)
      At SB - i got the shredded potato pancake which turned out to be a pretty big round disc for solo diner, it was good, like eating very crispy chips, but not sure i would have re-ordered.. Anyways, still a great sharing dish but probably more interesting options in menu.
      Also had with the pancake 2 mains, one was a nice beef casserole, deep flavours, tender meat and potatos. Very "homey", in a good way i think :-) Last was ground pork with some "rare" mountain mushroom that was surprisingly delicate and very interesting for me, liked this one, smaller sized dish from the mains i guess. Everything at other tables looked, as usual, very interesting and maybe more interesting from my choices..
      Great beer list, had the fruity belgian palm beer. Ice cream is the only dessert and can be avoided - small scoops and icy cristals, nice flavours but very "so so" overall.

      1. re: oferl

        Fu (福) in the restaurant's name is the Chinese word for "Good Fortune" :-)