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Dec 6, 2012 10:48 AM

1 Cuban Lunch: Versaille vs El Palacio de los Jugos


We'll be flying into Miami and then driving to Key West. Several years ago we made the same trip and stopped at Versaille. I remember it fondly and it was close to the airport. But I'm also reading about El Palacio de los Jugos. Which would you go to if you just had one lunch? Decor and service don't matter on this one. We just want excellent Cuban food. Thank you!

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  1. Hands down....Versailles......

    Ft. Pierce, FL

    1. Hands down -- Versailles.

      1. Yup - Hands Down - Versailles,

        But I would recommend you to go to Versailles for lunch and then stop by Palacios de los Jugos for a visit. It is a great stop to soak up some Latin Culture. It is more a market than a restaurant. a plaza/food court market made up by several food vendors.

        Order some Mamey juice, papaya juice or fresh coconut water, and 2 pieces of fried pork belly for the road to key west. If you want you can order a meal box to go for dinner too. a $10 dinner box with Roast Pork, yellow rice, steam yuca, can fill up 4 people, if you are not very big eater. I am not kidding. (order from the front booth, they seem to have a line in front all hours of the day). There, you have the best of both world.

        I have a route to take all of my out of towners to spend hald a day at Calle Ocho if you want it I'll spell it out for you.

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            I've been to Versailles for lunch and will have to stop at PDLJ for a snack as we drive to Key Lagro in Jan for a wedding. The pork belly sounds good. My wife usually won't eat it. More for me ;-)

          2. Thank you! Versaille it is.

            1. I may be nearby El Palacio de Los Jugos mid-day today.

              Must-gets? I hear the chicharones are pretty good...

              I'm not interested in going anywhere else for today's particular adventure.


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                Yes on the chicharrones, get a batido of your favorite fruit, and otherwise, most stuff is set up steam table style, so the simple answer is, whatever looks good.