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Dec 6, 2012 10:48 AM

ISO Glass Bottles and Jars in Toronto

Hi there, does anyone know where I can purchase Glass Bottles with a swing or screw top and glass jars, in Toronto? Thanks for your help.

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  1. IIRC I saw both items, or at least the jars at Honest Ed's.

    1. Homesense sometimes has bottles with bail closures (I think that's what you mean by swing top). We bought a bunch for bottling limoncello recently at the Eglinton/Warden one and there were plenty left over.

      1. bulk barn and walmart has jars with a bail top. goldas kitchen has a variety of jars ab bottles available.

        1. Definitely Homesense or Winners... I've bought a couple there myself for quite cheap!

          1. The Dollarama at Spadina and Adelaide has them.