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Dec 6, 2012 10:06 AM

What's for Dinner #176 [OLD]

Sunny and warm? Cold and rainy/snowy? Just an average day in your neighborhood? Spending lots of time cooking or just throwing something together because you're all going every which way?

So what are you cooking to get the family (and pets looking for some dropped nibbles!) running to the dinner table?

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  1. As for me, I've taken nothing out of the freezer for tonight, but I'm leaning towards Trader Joe's mandarin chicken over some rice with some cooked carrots tossed on top for good measure. Mostly because I don't have to think much to come up with a pretty decent meal. :-)

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      My kids & I enjoy that TJ mandarin orange chicken. Scratches my Chinese food craving itch.

    2. I'm going to make cabbage rolls with cranberry sauce : , but I'll make my own cranberry sauce instead of using the can of jellied cranberry sauce called for in the recipe.

      Does anyone else have a cabbage rolls with cranberry sauce recipe they'd like to share?

      1. Fish. Salmon or tilapia, not sure yet which. Since i'm on a specific diet I can't use salt or oil so I bake the fish in foil packets. Usually I put spinach or kale in the center, the fish on top, crack a little pepper over it, top with lemon slices, maybe throw some halved cherry tomatoes on the sides, wrap up and put in the oven at 400 for about 20 mins. For sides I think we have leftover couscous and maybe i'll steam some broccoli. Then I'll weep while I stare at the wine rack. To be honest, I really do enjoy cooking like this and the fish always comes out delicious :)

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          welcome to WFD! sounds like you make out OK with your dietary restrictions.

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            Who needs salt or oil? That sounds like a fantastic meal!

          2. Guardians of authenticity look away because I am breaking more rules than a Roman motorist. Christinamason put me in the mood for chili mac tonight, but when I pulled out the can of sloppy joe sauce I keep on hand for such a craving I was disappointed to find it had expired right around St. Patrick's Day of last year. And here we are on the eve of my annual ritual of pulling well-earned charcoal out of my shoes. So I tossed the sauce and instead went for something smoky when I chanced upon a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's in my fridge: berbere bbq spaghetti -- it's WFD. The sauce is little more than a 10-minute tomato sauce cooked down with barbecue sauce until it's nearly a glaze. Since barbecue is nothing without smoke I added a generous heap of smoked paprika to serve as backup to the Sweet Baby Ray's. Served atop spaghetti with shredded rabbit and meatballs this really hit the spot. And for the record: barbecue sauce and rabbit are a far better combination than I ever imagined.

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              "Guardians of authenticity look away because I am breaking more rules than a Roman motorist"

              What a great line JungMann. *chuckling here*

              BBQ Bunny...only you'd a thunk that up. ;-)

            2. Tonight I'm trying to (lazily) recreate one of my partner's favourite yum cha dishes - pan fried rice rolls. The rolls are fresh ones purchased in Chinatown so all I'll be doing is cooking them and making a hoisin & sesame paste sauce.
              I haven't settled on what to serve with them as yet. Dry fried green beans have been requested but I'm thinking the combo will be a bit too oily as both are fried dishes.