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Does anyone make/serve punch any more?

I have my mom's punch bowl, the one she used in the '60s for just about every party we had. It may in fact have been a wedding present! It has the plastic hooks that you place along the edge of the bowl which held the matching cups.

She used to make a delicious punch, I wish I had the recipe. I don't think it was one of those sherbet ones but it did have ginger ale and probably some kind of fruit juice, maybe pineapple, and rose wine. Not just any rose wine, It was a brand I can't remember but it didn't come in a glass bottle (yeah, I know, el cheapo.) It was some kind of ceramic, short/squat, maybe jug like bottle but no handle, painted either brown or blue. Wish I could remember it. I'm sure it was cheap but it made good punch!

Now I have this beautiful punch set with lots of memories but I never have big parties and it sits alone up on a shelf in the cabinet of never-used-anymore kitchen items (like her '60s fondue pot.)


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  1. Your wine memories,if stateside was "Lancer's"
    Yes we make punch during the fall,winter holidays.Very boozy eggnog,milk punch,whisky punch etc for the fun memories.

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      Ooooh, Lancers's. You are good! I just googled it and that old bottle came up! It was sparkling rose wine. I bet they don't have those bottles any longer.

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        Ah, the benefits of age: I also immediately thought "must have been Lancer's!" While I seldom make punch any more, I do smile when someone is serving it and love having a glass. Often, however, it's tooth-achingly sweet, so I like to be able to pour a goodly splash of club soda into my glass, too.

    2. I use my punch bowl maybe 3-4 times a year but I use my fondue pot all the time. We probably have some version of fondue once or twice a month, so many variations.

      My punch bowl rarely has "punch" per see, I use it more for lemonade-type drinks in the summer. It looks great at parties, especially if you take the time to make pretty floating ice using a jelly mold. It takes time and a day or two preparation so the layers freeze but so worth it. You don't have to have huge parties to use it. It make such a nice presentation even if there are just a few couples or a small group of friends. I also use it for my son's b-day parties. The kids seem to love it. For his lego party a few years ago I froze lego men in the ice and the kids went crazy.

      For my Christmas brunch I plan on using it for a more traditional punch made with cranberry and orange juice, ginger beer and fresh mint. I will make layers of juice, sliced oranges, cranberries and mint in the jello mold for my ice. This will keep it cold and since I make it with the juice it won’t dilute the punch as it melts.

      1. Fruit punched laced with rum or vodka is a staple of our warm weather entertaining. We have both a crystal and a silver punch bowl and each is used a few times per year.

        My sister does not serve punch, she uses her wedding gift crystal punch bowl and cups to serve fruit salad when setting a buffet meal.

        1. My mother uses her mother's punch bowl as a salad bowl for buffet gatherings, in case you are interested in getting it out a little more often.

          1. I make grenadine punch (booze-free) for our Christmas Eve buffet every year, but I only used the bowl once. It was kind of a PITA, and the cups were so small that everyone had to make way too many trips back to the bowl.

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              "and the cups were so small that everyone had to make way too many trips back to the bowl."

              I think the idea behind punch is that it is to be sipped and lingered over, in a genteel way, hence the small cups.

              That said, those cups would never fly in my family! :)

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                  "That said, those cups would never fly in my family! :)"

                  Oh, I couldn't agree more!

              1. Going to make punch for my holiday party in few weeks.

                1. All I remember about the punch my dad used to make for Christmas and New Years is that it had a generous amount of Southern Comfort in it. I think my sister still has the punch bowl set we used then, but I doubt she's used it in years.

                  1. You don't have to have a big party to serve punch. It's just a drink. Do any BBQ with the family - serve punch. As noted above, make some punch on New years.

                    1. In the Mad Men era, in the small Missouri towns around where I grew up, there wasn't much alcohol, and what there was was very privately consumed. Wedding receptions were punch and wedding cake, and for a particular touch of elegance, maybe little fluted paper cups of salted mixed nuts. (Being asked to serve was a secondary honor, not as much as being a bridesmaid, but more like standing at the guest book, smiling.)

                      Punch bowls generally had flowers laid around them and fancy ice, of course. but there for a while, there was a trend to match the punch to the bridesmaids' dresses, at least if they were pastel-colored. And there was a particular recipe for doing that. The punch was sherbet in the appropriate color with ginger ale poured over it. One innovative mother of the bride managed lavender by using vanilla ice cream and grape soda.

                      This was the only appearance ginger ale ever seemed to make in our existence, and it did cut the sweetness; after a while, the punch wasn't half bad, and I am sure sometimes someone managed to spike some with vodka. Years later, when I was raising kids as a single mom, I decided to try a little batch of it one Christmas Eve. Lime sherbet, of course. Strangely, the kids loved it. One of them asked me about it last Christmas, in fact, bleating about how they recalled it and it was sooooo good.

                      And yes, it was a punch bowl. No idea of where it came from - think it's in the basement now - cheap and from some discount store.

                      1. Lucky you! I love family heirlooms! The old stuff is made so much better than the new. I have my mother's punch bowl (it's huge) and we use it at the holidays. We don't use the cups because there simply are not enough for everyone. The ladle broke long ago.

                        Our traditional family punch recipe was non-alcoholic so the kids could enjoy it also.

                        1 can pineapple juice
                        1 carton OJ
                        1 liter ginger ale
                        1 liter Up-Rite soda (store brand)
                        1 bag frozen whole strawberries
                        1 bag frozen mixed fruit, peaches, grapes etc
                        1 container of lemon-orange-raspberry sherbet or your choice

                        We have also done a Malibu Bay Breeze punch

                        Gallon Cranberry Juice
                        1 can Pineapple Juice
                        2 liters Malibu Rum (not sure on the size, add to taste but we buy the giant bottle)
                        1 can pineapple rings or chunks w/juice

                        This would be great for Thanksgiving because you can freeze cranberries in an ice ring and float it in the bowl.


                        1. I make punch in a glass picture. After reading this thread I am combating the urge to obtain a punch bowl for an upcoming holiday party.

                          The last time I saw punch served out of a proper bowl (with hanging cups!) was at a friend's baby shower 14+ years ago. I remember her MIL borrowed a crystal ladle and it broke in half immediately.

                          1. In the cocktail circuit and fine cocktail bars, punch has made a serious come back the past 5-6 years. So much so that spirits and cocktail historian and writer Dave Wondrich wrote an excellent book published two years ago called Punch: The Delights (And Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl. It is a historical treatise, with recipes old and new, secrets of how to make great punch, and much more. I highly recommend it.

                            I have been to many Punch Parties the past few years at some of the top cocktail bars. At these parties there are usually 6-8 different punches available. Also on a regular basis my friends and I in the spirits and cocktail trade throw parties with at least one if not more punches available. Punch has become a big thing again, and high quality punch at that. Many cocktail bars have a punch program where you can order a bowl for your table.

                            1. Drink dispensers with the spigots seems to be the latest in punch bowls.
                              Nearly every party I've been to has one.

                              1. Word. My mom has a punch bowl set too. The bowl has little hooks that the cups hang from. And the dipper too, of course. I think we should revive Punch!

                                1. Alton Brown did an episode on punch... currently available on foodnetwork to watch if you are interested.

                                  1. The last "punch" I made was for a friends Xmas party, & was essentially just a punch bowl full of my favorite holiday cocktail, the "Scarlett O'Hara" - simply cranberry juice cocktail, Southern Comfort, & fresh lime juice. I just estimated punch-bowl-size amounts (taste-testing all the time, of course - lol!!) & poured over sliced-fresh-lime-studded ice cubes to serve. It DOES pack a much heartier PUNCH than your usual punch though, so you have to keep an eye on the imbibers.

                                    1. We do. We like to make a festive punch for all my young nieces and nephews.

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                                        We often serve "Rudolph's Reindeer" punch at parties. Its pretty much equal parts Cranberry Cocktail and Ginger Ale with a bottle of non-alcoholic but spicy Ginger Beer. You can use Cran-Raspberry etc or straight Cranberry. We usually would make ice blocks with more of the juice and suspend slices of lemons, oranges and limes in them. Raspberries are also nice if you use Cran-Raspberry.

                                        You can also spike it nicely with vodka, Ginger-flavored anything, fruit flavored vodkas etc.

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                                          This sounds sort of similar to what we make except we also add a whole schwack of almond extract to it. Very good.

                                      2. Glad you got the answer you sought!
                                        I neglected punch for years, but inherited an outrageous punchbowl from my very social Grandma, complete w/ 24 punch cups, and one year we had a party and I made Fish House Punch and everybody had a completely swell time and I've made it every year since, by express request. :)

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                                          I just looked up the recipe and that looks good. Although I think I got a bit of a buzz just reading the ingredients

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                                            LOL. Not sure it's possible for anything to be more alcoholic than this, unless you sub in some Everclear for water. It's the kind of beverage that requires that car keys be left at the door.

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                                            Philadelphia Fish House Punch... I brought back to market the first real American peach brandy (not peach cordial/liqueur) in a 100 years to make a real version of it. Was practically forced to by Ted "Dr. Cocktail" Haigh.

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                                              "I brought back to market the first real American peach brandy"

                                              What is the name of this product, and where is it available for purchase?

                                              1. re: davis_sq_pro

                                                I am no longer with the company and don't stand behind their products. That said, it is only available in NY. Although a NY online seller carries it. A quick google and I am sure you could track it down.

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                                                  Oh come on--I was waiting to try your brandy for years, and now you're saying not to get it? So much for mixing up a proper batch of Fish House Punch... (I guess I can try to get ahold of a bottle of Peach Street's, but that seems equally impossible to get here in MA.)

                                          3. I can't believe I actually found the punch recipe my mom used to make with Lancer's rose wine. It's the Sparkling Strawberry Punch here:


                                            Damn, I need to throw a party so I can make this punch!

                                            1. This year we've decided on a punch made from limoncello, raspberry puree and prosecco with ice blocks of lemon slices and mint floating in the bowl as garnish. Adding the prosecco at the last minute is key but the simple brew is very tasty.