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Dec 6, 2012 09:58 AM

Breakfast and Lunch in Tokyo - 10 hour layover


I'm landing at Haneda around 11:00PM on a Monday night. My flight out of Tokyo is on Tuesday at 6:00pm. So, I have some time to wander the city - have been to Tokyo before, but its been a long time.

I'm looking for suggestions on where to sleep and what do to for my 1/2 day there. (Figure I probably need to be on the train to Narita around 3:00PM to be safe.)

1) Where to sleep (I'll need a few hours.) I could stay at the new capsule hotel in Haneda airport, leave in the morning and head into Tokyo for breakfast (Or Tsukiji for sushi breakfast.) Or, would it be better to head into the city at night, grab a late snack and then stay at some capsule hotel in the city?

2) Any recommendations on luggage forwarding? Is there enough time for my bags to get from Haneda to Narita? Will the service be open at 11:30PM at Haneda?

3) If you only had time for breakfast and lunch in Tokyo, where would you eat?


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  1. The luggage delivery is until 21:30, for delivery on next day... so basically, you will have to take your luggage with you.
    Here below the link for hotel reservations, as per your mentionned low price hotel, there are some hotels near Shimbashi under 10,000.-yens
    At hotel, drop your luggage, and go just for a standing bar, in the area of Shimbashi, there is many many salary men drinking at shot bar or equivalent places....  
    On the morning, you can put your luggage in a locker custody in the Tokyo station, buy a Narita express ticket for 14:00, and here you go... You can buy breakfast, bread like 'mentaiko', or 'anpan' bread, or soba at the station, do some shopping, and then eat a sushi at sushi Ichi. The lunch sets is at 3,150.-yens, this sushi-yasan  is located behind the Chanel Building in Ginza. It is a one star sushi, and the sushi are very well prepared.. your 10 hours will cost you less than 20,000.-yens, railway fees included...and don't forget to print the maps of the places you want to go.
    Sushi Ichi in Ginza

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      Nice suggestions.

      One idea was to find a capsule hotel to stay in. That would be a fun experience. (And less money.) Is there one that is easy to get to from Haneda? (Maybe near a train station?)


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        Capsule hotels really aren't as much fun as you think they're going to be; they tend to be filled with noisy drunk men stumbling in at all hours because they missed their last train. They're not very soundproof, and the facilities for holding your luggage are minimal. (A capsule hotel at Haneda might be the exception though, since it would cater to travelers rather than drinkers.)

        1. re: Robb S

          @Robb, Useful advice!

          The one at Haneda looks nice. Only downside is that I might miss a late drink/snack in Tokyo if I stay there. Guess I'll take Ninisix's advice and get an in-expensive hotel in the city. That way I can at least stretch my legs after the flight and maybe grab a snack.

      2. re: Ninisix

        Do you recommend Sushi Ichi over Sushi Taichi?

      3. That 11pm arrival in Haneda is really going to create challenges, especially if the flight ends up running 20-30min late. Both the monorail and the train stop running shortly after midnight. Limousine buses stop running earlier than that, I believe. There are some buses that will run sporadically after midnight, that's about it. That may be your only ticket into Tokyo that night, if you want to explore the night scene. But you'll be exhausted and checking into a hotel at an insane hour.

        I'd just crash at a hotel near the airport. There are some decent places nearby. I'm sure some hotels operate free airport shuttle services, although be warned that Japanese airport hotels typically do not make airport shuttle runs round-the-clock. If you stay at a hotel near HND, though, the taxi fare shouldn't be too bad. Get a room near HND, crash for the night, and then head into Tokyo in the morning. I don't know anything about this new capsule hotel at HND but, if you're curious, maybe that's an option, too. I agree with Robb S that most other capsule hotels are generally best to stay away from (more expensive than you think).

        1. The trains run until midnight about and flights that get in at 11pm they try to get you through to ride them. But there are tons of buses but if you don't read or speak Japanese, might be tough. You will probably be able to catcth a train to Hamamatsucho but an alternative to Haneda is a short taxi ride to Kamata, which is a bustling interesting hood that probably has a cheap Tokyu Inn or something like that. And plenty of places to eat and drink. Anything but the airport hotel...

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            Without hesitation, I prefer sushi Taichi ! This sushi is small and intimate, and in my opinion is very enjoyable.

            1. re: Ninisix

              Sounds good. How many seats are available at Sushi Taichi? I think my friends and I (4 of us) will try walking up on Saturday right when they open. They open at 11:30 am correct?

              1. re: miltronix

                sushi Taichi is 7 seatings, here below a link
                Hope you will enjoy it

          2. Depending on where you will be taking the Narita-bound train from, I'd say go there first-thing when you wake up, and plop your luggage in one of the lockers (in Japanese, they would be called コインロッカー (koin rokka-almost identical). That way you don't have to haul it with you wherever you go, or backtrack to your hotel.

            Also, if for example you take the train from Tokyo station, they've got quite a lot of restaurants to choose from (with good lunch deals to boot) in the lower levels, as well as department store food halls to explore.

            1. Try the R&B Hotel in Kamata. It's 6,000 YEN per night and 10 minutes away on the Keikyu line or probably 2000 YEN by taxi. But monorail to Tokyo runs just past midnight. My wife arrived at Haneda late night last month and just stayed at the R&B. There are some places to eat open reasonably late near the hotel if you want a late night meal that first night.