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Dec 6, 2012 09:13 AM

Digital versions of cookbooks?

Has anyone tried cookbooks in iBooks and Kindle in Android?

I have about a dozen cookbooks in my Kindle account and I usually view it in my Galaxy tablet, 7 inch, and the presentation leaves something to be desired sometimes.I'm debating whether to switch formats before my collection gets larger.


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  1. I bought Christina Tosi's Milk cookbook for my ipad. Hate it! do not like a cookbook on an electronic device, I want to flip pages back forth, make notes on margines and the typeface is very small (for me) and if you do enlarge the type, you have to un-enlarge it to turn the page. I think ebooks are fine for manual or novel but I will never buy a cookbook that way again.

    1. I wouldn't dream of bring a hand-held electronic device in my kitchen. Having worked in a lot of kitchens I see all that gunk that build up on anything in there just with time.

      Besides nothing is like flipping through cookbooks and smiling at the memories behind the stains.

      1. I downloaded a preview of a cookbook onto my Kindle and hated it. I don't mind digital books for most things but I'm sticking with real cookbooks...ones I can make notes in and splash sauce on.

        1. I don't currently use any sort of ebook reader, but since I have between 6-7 linear feet of cookbooks, it doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.

          "I see all that gunk that build up on anything in there just with time" You don't have to leave it in the kitchen - especially considering that very likely an ebook reader wouldn't be used exclusively for cookbooks.

          1. Not a fan of cookbooks on e-devices either. While I have never actually purchased an e-cookbook, I have looked at them on devices in B&N, etc. Not for me. I don't even like using my iPad for recipes found online; I always wind up printing them out. iPads, Kindles, etc., are just not kitchen/cooking friendly. At least that is my opinion. I will say I am a huge fan my Kindle for just regular type reading though. Absolutely love it.