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Brown Bettty Teapots in Boston???

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does anyone know where I could find a Brown Betty teapot in Boston area?
Alternatively, kitschy "Battle of Waterloo" type pots?
also, tea cosies / cozies are of interest.
For a gift for an anglophile.
Thank you!

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  1. http://www.britishdelights.com/ They're in Westford, MA.
    Best of British (978) 465-6976. They're in Newburyport, MA. Their website doesn't seem to be up.

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    1. re: CookieLee

      Great! Thank you.

      1. re: angelaangel

        you're welcome!

    2. Coincidentally, I was just looking at these yesterday. They were at the West Concord Five and Dime ( a wonderful, "step back in time " store).