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Dec 6, 2012 09:04 AM

Spalla Cotta - any sources in GTA or Ontario for that matter?

I was very fortunate to sample a very traditional "Spalla Cotta" - during a visit to Emilia Romagna last spring. It is essentially a cooked pork shoulder rubbed, rolled, semi-cured and hung to age for several months before served cooked and seasoned. It was a revelation and not to be confused with your north american supermarket cooked holiday hams by any stretch. I've had some dreams about it in the interim and have tried to find its closest facsimile here through any importers who typically deal with prosciuttos and other cured meats to no avail so far. I'd love to serve this at a party over the holidays if I can find it. I've seen some recipes online and may attempt to create one myself but don't hold high hopes on that end. Any ideas where one might find a legitimate producer/importer in southern Ontario?

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