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Kouign Amann?

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Anyone have a favorite place to buy it in NYC?

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  1. I like the DKA at Dominique Ansel

      1. ... and while you're at Dominique Ansel, do yourself a favor and get some sticky rolls.

        1. I can eat stale DKAs all day. I don't think they even go stale.

          1. An other vote for Dominique Ansel.
            I tried it at the NoMad as well (it's one of their dessert) but the one at Dominique Ansel is way better ...

            1. i hate to break the news but the DKA at Ansel isn't so great.

              This...THIS IS GREAT...


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                What!!!I was in Montreal in October. If only I had known. Now it is on my list for the Spring Trip.

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                  Agreed sam1, I had that one in Montreal and it was indeed GREAT. (Fully deserves the caps!)

                  The DKA at Dominique Ansel is almost as great, but it's a different style. The texture of the DKA is softer and, I think, superior to the texture of the abovementioned Montreal variant. I too am interested in hearing if there are other places that offer it in New York besides Ansel.

                2. i was checkin out the bouchon menu and it seems like they also do a kougin aman, has anybody tried this?