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Looking for a Nice Seafood Resturant in Manhattan

My husbands boss will be in from Singapore next week and he likes seafood, could you help me with this? Thank You

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    1. Le Bernardin for upscale French seafood. Marea for modern Italian seafood. If he wants sushi, try 15 East.

      1. If his pockets are deep you can do no better than Le Bernardin for seafood.

          1. Esca in Hell's Kitchen. Some of the best fish in NYC, while at a lot lower price than Le Berny.

            1. Reservations for Le B might be tricky with a week's notice, especially for a sane hour. Same goes for Marea.

              Oceana has plenty of spots left, on the other hand.

              1. Thank you for all the replies. I just looked up Esca and read poor reviews on it. Where is Oceana
                located? Thank you again

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                    Thank You i did google it and reservations have already been made for next week. Thank you to everyone for helping me out!

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                      Please let us know how it works out for you. Enjoy.

                      Note that the restaurant offers a selection of fish with a choice of sauces, and also composed dishes. I usually choose the composed main courses, as they are often more interesting. You will need some side dishes, and I highly recommend the gnocchi. Do not miss the desserts as they rival those of the top high-end restaurants.

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                        Thank You So Much for this info, I've passed it on to my husband, it sounds awesome. We are going to NYC in Feb for our anniversiary and this is where I want to go for dinner.

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                    Where did you see poor reviews of Esca? It's excellent.

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                      I googled the Esca and there were several reviews.Theservicewas said tobegood but not the food so much.

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                        Well those reviews are wrong. It's an excellent restaurant and has some of the best seafood in NYC. It also has 3 NY Times stars.