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Dec 6, 2012 07:52 AM

cornbread with non southern food / non chili ?

We are having dinner with neighbors tonight. They will bring fish curry, we will roast cauliflower (with some cumin and other related spices) and make a salad (greens, pear, craisin, candied pecans, and blue cheese). It seems like the sweetness of cornbread might go well with the curry and the sweet aspects of the salad. But is it weird to serve cornbread with curry (versus fried chicken or chili)?

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  1. My grandmother used to serve corn bread with spaghetti. I don't see why it wouldn't be ok. However, if your cornbread is sweet, you are doing it wrong. : )

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      agree on the "sweet" aspect. corn pudding may be a little sweet, but not cornbread. (but that has been hashed out on other threads).

      i'd use the corn batter to make fried flat bread-- corn pone… an indian flatbread…but southern. you can't beat corn pone!

      the indian recipe is this: see? corn pone! and with butter on top -- YEAH!

      ps, hush puppies are do-able in a flat bread, and hush puppies go with fish all the time! LOL.

      also, sometimes i like my corn pone batter a little looser, and get the bacon grease or crisco oil good and hot so i get lacy, crispy edges….sometimes it is better breadier. but with a curry, it'd be nice to have something with some crunchy edges, in my opinion.

      1. re: kengk

        Yup, if the cornbread is sweet, serve it with anything BUT Southern food, because it is not Southern.

      2. i think it sounds delicious. what time is dinner? ;)

        1. Well made cornbread (either southern or northern varieties) goes with anything in my opinion.

          I've eaten cornbread with MaPo tofu. And it was great.

          1. I think it would be fine. Not any more unusual that blue cheese/craisin salad w/ fish curry.

            1. Fish curry and cornbread come with so many different flavor profiles that it's hard to say definitively, but corn flat breads are the traditional accompaniment to Punjabi mustard greens. In fact I put a little cornmeal in my masala when I make them, so as long as your cornbread isn't too sweet and the fish curry isn't too sour, I think this could work pretty well.