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Dec 6, 2012 07:43 AM

Shout out for Baza Newton

This place has been mentioned MANY times here, but haven't seen any posts in a while.

Last night got a bunch of amazing stuff:

Prepared food: amazing stuffed cabbage, and a cabbage/egg/fresh dill strudel.

Single best loaf of whole grain bread I have had in the last 5 years from their in-house bakery, nice amount of sunflower, oats, and sesame in the bread.

Huge jar of pickled herring for $8.

Their jam section is great. I bot a bucket of nice Israeli plum jam and some raspberry jam. Keep an eye out for the Penguin brand cherry jam too.

These guys have the best salami / cured meat selection in greater Boston, period. I picked up some dry smoked beef salami and some Hungarian spicy salami, but there were literally 40 others to choose from.

The smoked fish section is also unequaled in Boston.

Saw a guy filling a bag from the bulk freezers of Pelmenyi (meat dumplings like big tortellini). Next time.

In short, just a great selection of groceries, dairy (yogurts and farmer's cheeses) pickles (fresh and jarred) and other Eastern European delights.

Got a pound of my SO's favorite loose black tea for $7 and tried another Turkish brand for $5 a pound (we'll see how she likes it). Compare to WF for $20 and up for loose tea.

Just luv this place. Wish it was closer.

Baza Supermarket
30 Tower Road
Newton Upper Fls, MA 02464
(617) 795-0399

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  1. If the tortelini are the same as the Russian Bazaar West, formerly produce market in Framingham they are outstanding.

    1. I have been getting some great double-smoked slab bacon from them. Have also tried a few things off the hot food bar (which tends to be largely unlabeled) -- not exactly sure what they were but very tasty. I too wish it were nearer but the vet my dog goes to is right down the street so I get there every few months or so.