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Dec 6, 2012 07:34 AM

Sushi recs near Union Square [SF]

Last week I happened to notice a Japanese restaurant near my hotel bet 600-700 and Bush but I never took notice of the name.
Does anyone happen to know the name and is it worth stopping in for lunch?
If not, please give me some ideas to choose from nearby.
Many thanks.

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  1. Within two blocks:
    Sushi Rock - 614 Pine
    Akiko - 642 Mason
    Mikaku - 323 Grant
    Maru - 529 Powell
    Ebisu - 336 Kearny
    Sushi Toni- 733 Bush

    Ebisu is the best and always impresses the heck outta me...

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    1. also close by

      Ryoko's (awesome space and fun, but not open for lunch)

      Hecho is also close by and really good. Enjoy!

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      1. re: margieco

        Thanks for the replies. I should have stated that I am interested only in lunch. Someone recommended Sanraku. Your comments please. I trust you more than any other sites.

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          I think if you can get a reservation at Akiko's it will be a step above all the other places in that area. I actually think it's better than all the places in Japantown (Ino, Sushi aka Tombo, etc)

          I had lunch there on Friday and it was fantastic. They source lots of fish that other places don't have -- everything very well prepared and presented.

          On the downside, they are really expensive and loud when crowded. They will not let you walk in without a reservation. But the fish is excellent.

          Of the others in the area, I've tried Hecho and thought it was terrible for lunch (not the freshest fish, sloppy preparation). Ebisu is good but more for cooked dishes, plus it is only take-out (I'm referring to the one on Kearny).

      2. From Union Square, if you step on a westbound Geary express bus, in less than 10 minutes you'll be at Japantown, where you will find sushi options for every taste and budget. The number of Chowhound posts on Japantown sushi is well up into the hundreds. Mostly chatter about the different styles of the most celebrated three.