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Dec 6, 2012 07:24 AM

Gaslight - limp fries/off night?

Have always considered the fries at Gaslight as one of their highlights, but not last night, they were very limp (the dipping sauce was still excellent though). Also the escargot came smothered in sauce in sauce, but still tasty. Did not think the steak tartare was as good as in the past and it may just be my memory but I do not remember the egg on top being ice cold. On the positive side the duck confit was excellent. Will return but with lower expectations.

It seems like they also have a high turnover rate on bartenders; rarely see the same one more than twice.

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  1. I hate the "off night" excuse for a restaurant. Maintaining consistently high quality night after night is incredibly difficult, but that's one of the key factors that distinguishes a good restaurant from a not-so-good one.

    1. Sorry to hear it. I've consistently had good meals and service when I've been to Gaslight. They do a nice job both with steak and duck.