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Dec 6, 2012 06:56 AM

Help me make tamales with hominy...

I made a batch of pozole many months ago and have some hominy in the freezer I'd like to use up. It started as dried giant corn and has been treated with lime so there are no more hulls. No further cooking though. Unfortunately, I don't have a meat grinder, but I do have a food processor and a commercial vitamix at my disposal.

Any ideas on how I might be able turn this into tamales? Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. My one and only (so far) attempt at tamales was made with a combination of hominy and masa. It worked really well. I pureed the hominy, added salt, baking soda powder, then lard, then chicken stock and then started adding masa until I found it a nice texture.

    They say you can make a small ball and when it's the right consistency, it'll float in water. I never bothered.

    They turned out pretty good all things considered.

    The young lady who makes tamales at the near by Mexican place rambled off those instructions. She wouldn't give me specifics but at least I got that. Her brother wouldn't tell me anything.


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      I was wondering how I would balance out the liquid that would be needed to blend the hominy. Adding masa is brilliant. Thank you! I can't wait to try it!

    2. In the The Feast of Santa Fe cookbook there is a recipe for hominy tamales. They use 2 cups canned whole hominy, well drained and 1/2 cup masa harina. Along with salt, baking powder, lard or shortening, water - until the right consistency. They say to food process it. They also say to wrap them in foil and twist both ends closed but i believe that is because they are filled with cheese, rather than a meat filling.

      Davwud, did you do the type of wrap with the corn husk open on one end and folded up at the other?

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          So...Do you think I should cook the hominy until it's soft and then puree? Or can I just throw it in the vitamix as it is, partially cooked?

          1. re: soypower

            Since Davwud has not replied yet, I would say to cook the hominy and then puree. The steaming of the tamales seems to set the masa, but not have much affect on the fillings.

            Let us know how it turns out! I love to hear feedback, whether good or bad. It helps all of us do a better job the next time.

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              FWIW, I didn't cook it. It was canned hominy though


              1. re: thymetobake

                Yes, defiinitely cook the hominy first.

                1. re: mamachef

                  Thanks for all of the replies. I will cook them first before I puree and will report back with my results.