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Dec 6, 2012 06:41 AM

What would go with the Tartine gougeres?

I'm going to be making the Tartine thyme/gruyere gougeres (making mini ones) in order to make little cocktail sandwiches out of them.

Trouble is, I'm blanking on what I can use as a filling! The thyme (which is a flavor I love and don't wish to substitute) is just flummoxing me. When I cook with thyme, it's usually with pork, sometimes with chicken. I want something along the lines of a chicken salad, but then I'm thrown by the gruyere portion of the flavor profile!

Some kind of ham salad maybe?

Thank you!

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  1. I think the gougères are best left un-stuffed. I like to serve them with clear beef consommé or just on their own with wine.

    1. I serve mine with a pate spread for the middle.

      1. Personally I love the thyme+citrus combo, so I'd think about that to start. A slice of ham with a bit of lemon or orange marmalade? Add an apple slice?
        How about sliced roast tenderloin or other beef? Sliced hardboiled egg and schmear of dijon?
        What about a version of smoked turkey Jarlsberg salad, since you already have the gruyere component? Turkey (or chicken), dried cherries or craisins, a bit of celery and onion, and a mayo based dressing, sometimes with poppy seed.

        It's pretty hard to make a gougere unattractive. I always serve them straight up, but IMO they must be warm from the oven.

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          Oh - now that's the component that kept eluding me! A smoked turkey or chicken...Nice, thanks!!

        2. i like a smoked ham with the honeycup mustard. most everyone loves the combo. it is not your typical honey mustard; it has real depth of flavor and a nice little kick. i buy mine at harris teeter grocery store.

          a cranberry mustard is also good with those flavors.

          1. I love thyme and gruyere with mushrooms. I would make a would be very elegant. It is also a classic filling for gougeres.