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Dec 6, 2012 06:40 AM

Niu Kee isn't what it used to be (and it's not a good thing)

We went to Niu Kee last night and ordered, the dumpling with peanut sauce, the dragon eggplant and the szechuan beef with tofu flower.

We've had the eggplant dish there before and what we were served last night bore no ressemblance to the former dish. I'm not even sure what they did with it, but it was one hard block of deep fried matter. It was so overly fried that you couldn't even taste the eggplant - it could have been anything.

The dumpling apperizer was not as offensive, but it did not look anything like the picture in the menu. The picture was showing something like big shumais, we received tiny overcooked raviolis with a little bit of stuffing inside. Felt like it has been previously frozen.

As for the beef dish, there was very little meat in. It was surprisingly mild, which was ok for us, but I'm guessing many would be disapointed. The tofu was certainly not "tofu flower"; it was cubes of semi-hard tofu and it didn't taste particularly fresh either. The dish was topped with peanuts. I've never had peanuts in this kind of dish before, so it seemed a bit weird but taste-wise it was fine.

There was also no music of any kind, which made the whole experience pretty weird as our conversation resonated throughout the entire restaurant. I'm afraid this was our last visit to Niu Kee.

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  1. i had a very pleasant experience a few months ago.

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    1. re: catroast

      So did I! We've been there many times. Last night was a complete disaster though.

      1. re: pinkatronica

        that really stinks
        they ceertain haven't the fineness of yesteryear

    2. That's too bad. I've been there twice in the last year, and decided I wouldn't go back unless I read some glowing reports. My last dinner there was pretty disappointing.

      1. I had a wonderful Cantonese Lobster with Snow Pea Pod leaves this summer. Nothing had changed.

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        1. re: finefoodie55

          Cantonese food at Nui Kee? Are you sure you're not thinking of Keung Kee?