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Dec 6, 2012 05:57 AM

abby lane?

i know it's only been open a few days, but i'm going to a show at the cutler tonight. anybody been?

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  1. My wife and I had dinner at the bar on Saturday night. We didn't stray too far off the standards on the menu. I had the burger (Tremont Cheeseburger) and she had the seared ahi tuna entree. The burger at $13 was pretty good and a decent value. The fries were unremarkable and oddly enough the menu states they are spicy fries but there was no spice whatsoever. They were just plain, regular fries. Her tuna was good but not great. Not a very large portion (4-5 two inch long slices) but not terrible for the mid $20s. Service at the bar was friendly. My martini was average. Jason was working hard in the kitchen plating the food and keeping a close eye on everything coming out. In short, this is by no means a destination place. It is, however, a decent option for relatively affordable pre/post theater American food and drink.

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      thanks so much. the menu looks to be pretty run-of-the-mill and yeah, designed for out-of-towners and families. might just go for drinks, am thinking.

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        maybe also try one of the shrimp tacos off the app menu. I think they are sold individually.

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          following back up:

          showed up around 6:00, no hostess/host visible at the door. downstairs was quite full, bar with suits of both genders and plenty of pre-nutcracker families at the tables. place was jumping. jason was in the kitchen. we managed to snag 2 seats at the upstairs bar. WOW! the place is huge.

          service was friendly and pretty quick, although when my friend ordered a negroni, they had no campari. cocktails were mostly of the sweet type, so i tried a "constant gardener" -- hendrick's lime, basil and cucumber. yes, very summery, but should have been a good flavor profile. balance was completely out of whack and it mostly just tasted like limeade. the wines by the glass selection was very run-of-the-mill chain restaurant plonk.

          menu was... uninspiring. am all for comfort food and know it can be done well, but, dunno, le sigh. so we went straight-forward for fried calamari and the "meats and cheese" platter. i was really and totally disappointed by the poor quality of the product. the squid were just rubber bands with a flavorless crispy coating and the "meats" were salami, prosciutto and mortadella. none better than i'd buy at shaw's. cheese was something kinda hard, like a parmesan, but feh.

          as a restaurant lifer, i am very forgiving of the opening jitters and hiccups in the first days of any new venture. however, this is middle-to-low-brow food and i guess i expected better from santos. i won't be back.