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Dec 5, 2012 10:00 PM

Hot Cocktails in Boston

I been searching for a good hot winder cocktail in Boston: any suggestions?

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  1. Do you mean hot as in temperature (like a toddy) or hot as in popular?

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        I meant winter drinks

        That was great

    1. I'm assuming you mean hot _winter_ cocktail. Eastern Standard always has a nice selection of winter cocktails, including a hot buttered rum made with their own batter. And Drink in Fort Point never fails to come through with a winter warmer cocktail request.

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        I would guess Backbar has some concoction.

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          talked to backbar last week- they said they might not put it on the menu, but they were working on having some sort of hot drink around in case people asked for it. don't know if that means its ready yet or not. but, i had a smoking vesper there last weekend (aged ethereal gin, which i found to be quite nice, and a smoking gun loaded with cinnamon, otherwise i think standard vesper ingredients), and, while not hot, i'd vouch for that as a good winter drink...

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            Will at Drink has been making delicious Hot Toddy's. Just don't order a Blue Blazer - the flame show is great (and sometimes is worth just ordering for the entertainment if you can drop the $$ knowing it's undrinkable), but even the bartenders will tell you it is not worth drinking. Pure sterno in taste.

          2. Deep Ellum as a Hot Old Fashioned that they make. It was on their menu earlier in the year, but they can still make it. Rye, sugar, muddled cherry and orange that are mixed and strained + hot water.
            Green Street has the Skipper's Punch on their 6 page menu. Myer's Dark Rum, Benedictine, brown sugar syrup, lime juice, and hot water.
            It's Tom & Jerry season at No. 9 Park. They can make it with any spirit (but often rum), egg, hot milk, sugar, spices.


            1. The hotel bars usually do a good job with the hot drinks.

              1. This week I've tried one of the two at Russell House Tavern and one of them at Art Bar. Scott Holliday at Rendezvous always has Hot Swedish Punsch.