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Dec 5, 2012 09:39 PM

FT 33

anyone tried this yet?

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  1. several times. I think it's excellent - beautiful presentation, interesting preparations with unique flavor/texture combinations and solid execution. The biggest complaint I've heard is from people who get "confused" - each plate tends to have a fairly large number of components, and (although this baffles me) a few people don't know how to approach it. For me, the opportunity to experiment with different combinations of flavors on the same plate provides an extra level of enjoyment. I'd also say that maybe the portion sizes could be larger.

    I'll add that I'm friends with the chef/owner, so you can interpret that however you want. I would be happy to substantiate any of my above comments with specific observations.

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    1. re: gavlist

      it's on my to-eat list along with tesar's spoon.

      1. re: zeruel13

        I've been to Spoon once, on opening night. It was good... but not as great as I had hoped. Tesar is a damn good chef, so I suspect it got significantly better pretty quickly. A re-visit is on my list too.

        1. re: zeruel13

          you can add TJ's Seafood Market on Oak Lawn to that list also. Oh and I went with that guy to FT33^^^

        2. re: gavlist

          Agreed - the different combinations on each plate made it fun. The desserts were the weak spot for us. I see the the menu is entirely different now, so I guess it's pointless recommend a specific dish. I have to say our waiter was phenomenal. Unfortunately, I didn't catch his name (I believe he had a beard).

          Spoon is much more about seafood than FT33. For my husband and I, it gives it an advantage. I do wish the cocktail menu was more exciting.

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            that's interesting....the pastry chef in FT33 is the one in top chef currently and he's not doing so hot there at the moment :P

            1. re: zeruel13

              I actually really liked most of the desserts I've had at FT33. I'm not generally a big dessert fan, though. What I liked is that they are not too sweet, and that they tend to include savory components and a large variety of textures... one example (which I think is still on the menu) has a lemongrass panna cotta, chunks of a mint meringue, 2 or 3 types of sauces and fluid gels, individual grapefruit vesicles, and some liquid nitrogen-frozen white chocolate mousse. I thought it was great - but I can see how it might not be satisfying for everyone.

          2. re: gavlist

            I hate to be "that guy," but I just didn't like FT33. Aside from the uni pancakes, the rest of the food didn't work for me. I thought the flavors were weak and simply not good, despite the wizardry that went into it. It feels more like a faux Alinea; the plates are pretty to look at but bland to taste.

            Spoon, on the other hand, I think is incredible. The price point may be a little high, but I really feel like Spoon is worth it. I think they're bringing some East Coast style and caliber to Dallas! I really think they're doing something special here.

          3. gavlist summed it up pretty well - I generally don't like super-sweet desserts, but the one I had (sweet potato w/ nut wafer) needed more sweetness for me.

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              looks like Leslie Brenner agrees with you about the desserts. Other than that, though, her review could hardly be more positive.

            2. Just noticed they have a round of beers for the kitchen on the menu ($30). First time I've seen that ...

              1. Neither FT33 nor Spoon have their wine lists on line. I'm curious about the sort of wine lists each restaurant have. I'm most interested in French wines between $100 and $250 a bottle, especially Burgs.

                If the lists are California centric, I'm interested in Cal. Chards in the $80 - $150 range and Cab and Cab blends from $100 - 2000. Price ranges aren't hard and fast in either case, but just to give you an idea that I'm interested in middle price range bottles.

                Even if you don't have specific information on the wines I'm most interested in, any sort of report would be appreciated.