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Dec 5, 2012 09:34 PM

Best beer store!

I have to get a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker. On his list of suggestions was beer. Not sure what style he likes, so I will just pick something I would like--perhaps a winter seasonal of sorts. I think the selection at Fred Meyer and New Seasons are some of the best for getting beer from a grocery store, but I thought this would be a fun excuse to go to check out a store devoted to beer. I haven't been to Beer Mongers in quite some time, but wasn't super excited about their selection the last time. I think that might be the only "beer store" I've been to, with the exception of that large liqour store in the Pearl. So maybe I should check out Belmont Station or something. What do you all suggerst? Recomendations of stores and beers to buy would be great! I love darker beers, and hops - so porters, ambers, IPAs. I wouldn't be opposed to buying something lighter, though it seems wierd to do so in the winter. haha

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  1. Beer Mongers
    Belmont Station
    Beer Bunker (SE Stark near 79th)
    N.W.I.P.A. (SE Foster near 63rd) - they have some great seasonals and specials like the Mikeller Ris a La Ma'le, Old Rasputin anniversary, etc. Have a meatball sandwich when you are there - you won't be disappointed, it's delicious.

    To my knowledge though, no one has a selection as big as Beer Mongers or Belmont Station.

    Also New Seasons (go to a bigger one) often has a nice beer selection.

    Another thing you can do is go to Belmont Station, get one bottle and buy a gift certificate so they can have the gift of picking out couple of their own beers. Some folks love shopping for new stuff to try as much as they like drinking their faves.

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      +1, Belmont Station to me has the best selection with over 1300 kinds of beer in bottles for sale. Price for something normal is a little above the local grocery store but not much. When go there often am able to find things simply can not get elsewhere:

    2. John's Market in Multnomah Village on SW Multnomah Blvd. has a fairly extensive beer selection also.

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        John's is great. Lots of stuff from all over the world.

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          Thanks for the great suggestions, everyone! Meat Ball sandwich sounds delicious...I will let yoi know what I pick! Gift certificate also came to mind.

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            Since you don't know what his tastes might be, I would strongly suggest a gift cert. and one from Belmont. He'll be thrilled!