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Dec 5, 2012 09:03 PM

LAX to finally get some chow worthy chow!

Some good news.... the LAX Tom Bradley international terminal construction is almost done and today they announced the new restaurants coming in with some LA chefs making the cut. All should be in place by spring 2014 and some even sooner. It's not a bad list....
Border Grill
Umami Burger
La Mill
Larder at Tavern
800 Degrees Pizzeria
III Forks (steak house)
Lucky Fish by Sushi Roku
Petrossian Caviar & Champagne Bar
Vino Volo
Short Cake
Vanilla Bake Shop
James Beach
Starbucks Evenings (appetizers and small plates)
Cantina Laredo (Mexico City style menu)
Marmalade Cafe
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf...any thoughts?

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  1. We need a Singaporean-style food court (serving a representative cross-section of food from the aforementioned eateries), open 24/7 at LAX. Changi Airport in Singapore has my undying Chow-love in this respect.

    1. What a huge improvement over the current offerings at LAX! Let's hope that this encourages even further development throughout the airport. Thanks for posting.

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      1. re: heinous

        Other terminals will be getting upgrades as well just that Tom Bradley will be the first.

        1. Saw this Eater LA post about it: And for those who weren't familiar with it (like me) and I am assuming that this was the same chain that opened up out in Claremont awhile back and then closed not too long afterward (maybe too pricey for the hinterlands?).

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I do like the idea of LAMill and ShortCake but I really do not want to sit in a restaurant at an airport. I would much rather buy an order of wings at Popeye's and eat in on the plane. Indigestion could arise after eating such things as Umami Burger before a flight, and I try to avoid the plane bathrooms at all cost.

              1. re: A5 KOBE

                and, when flying, at all cost, i try to avoid sitting next to passengers that are planning to eat smelly, greasy, messy, food that they've carried on and unpacked with it's greasy packaging.

                agree with you re: the restrooms.

                if you think that popeye's wings are edible, can't see what you have against low-end airport food other than the price.

                1. re: westsidegal

                  Well, what I find is that airport food resembles nothing its counterparts. My one experience was at a Papaya King in JFK and that was the end of that. I felt like I had been deceived.

                  1. re: A5 KOBE

                    The counterpoint to that is the Mickey D's at LAX is usually better in terms of hot and fresh than a lot of the ones elsewhere in LA due to their turnover of food.

                    1. re: A5 KOBE

                      That's what I worry about, as well (although the list is pretty impressive.... 800 Deg pizza, yum....).

                      1. re: ilysla

                        hopefully nobody tries to carry an 800 degree pizza on board.. . . .

                    2. re: westsidegal

                      "and, when flying, at all cost, i try to avoid sitting next to passengers that are planning to eat smelly, greasy, messy, food that they've carried on and unpacked with it's greasy packaging."

                      i'm fascinated to find out how you achieve this. are you clairvoyant, or do you confront the gourmands upon taking your seat?

                      1. re: linus

                        one doesn't need to be clairvoyant to smell the stuff as you pass them.
                        i make the request to the flight attendant once i realize that the gourmand is seated next to my assigned seat.
                        if i can't get a seat change and i'm going directly to my business meeting from the destination airport, i then try to get enough napkins or blankets to cover myself so that their food and it's smell doesn't get on my clothes.

                        it's one thing if someone brings on a deli-style turkey sandwich.
                        it's another thing if someone brings on greasy, smelly, oniony, garlicky, messy, food.
                        to state the obvious: an airplane is a very confined space that uses recirculated air. the seats are getting closer and closer to each other as the airlines try to stuff more and more passengers into the same amount of space.

                        there's a reason why, in the days when food was routinely served on airplanes, the airplane food was always bland/ not smelly. salt and pepper were usually the only seasonings.

                        it amazes me that folks that carry on their food seem to believe that their food doesn't stink (sort of like the way the flight attendant that sat next to ipse with her burrito thought).

                        i, and many other people, can smell the grease odor of a popeye's or a kfc from a block away.

                        1. re: westsidegal

                          I can't believe you do not like the smell of fried chicken. That boggles my mind. And if you think fried chicken is messy, do not go to Austin Airport where many people take their Salt Lick BBQ onto the plane. The person next to me had some and boy did it smell wonderful.

                          1. re: westsidegal

                            just out of curiosity, what's your success rate getting switched? does it go something like this:
                            "excuse me, flight attendant, but that person is eating something that is objectionable to me. may i switch seats?"
                            does the flight attendant then approach someone and say, "excuse me sir/madam, would you mind switching seats with this lady, and sitting next to this person eating a noxious smelling burrito?"

                            two other things:
                            one, has any of the offending eaters, upon hearing your complaint, ever thrown their food at you, and two,
                            thanks for the image of you, covered in cocktail napkins, sitting in an airplane seat.

                            1. re: linus

                              usually, if i had an aisle or a window seat (which i usually did), it was a breeze to get almost anyone who was assigned to a middle seat to switch.

                              one of the reasons i was successful in sales, was that i did everything i could to make the actual sales call perfect. what you or the other passengers on the plane might have thought of me is /was completely irrelevant to the purpose of the trip.

                              1. re: westsidegal

                                i'm sure mr. trump is very proud.