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Dec 5, 2012 08:25 PM

Santeria Tacos - SW Ankeny & Broadway

Hi fellow foodies,

Last night I was craving Mexican food at midnight, so I googled until I came across Santeria Tacos. It got a mixed bag of reviews it seems, but I decided to believe the good ones and try it out. I really wanted a fish burito, which they did not have the fish for; instead, I opted for carne asada. I guess I should have added sour cream, because it was quite dry, though the ginormus portion was cool. The salsa was delicious. Perhaps I will give them another try. I had never been to such a tiny place was interesting.

Anyone been there before?

I usually go to Maya Tacqueria, which is very near my apartment.

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  1. I've not been there before but their claim to fame is they supply both Mary's Club and Bailey's Taproom patrons with food (because neither really offer any food, and the OLCC requirement is met by take-out/delivery from Santeria). It's a heckuva business model for 'em, I am sure! ;o)

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      Interesting. I never realized Baileys had no food. I have not yet been there.

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        Bailey's has to be my least favorite beer bar in town. I find it cold and uninviting, and with so many great choices around town, I tend to drink elsewhere. It is a huge taplist, though, and convenient if you are downtown.

    2. I went there after being in my tastebuds were a bit skewed!!! I really enjoy Robo Taco on Morrison, but I don't think they have a fish burrito.

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