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Dec 5, 2012 08:03 PM

marble cake recipe?

I am searching for a marble cake recipe (for 9'' round pans). Any suggestions? I would prefer to make a layer cake as opposed to a pound cake. The cake will have some kind of chocolate frosting.

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  1. I know of a good one!

    She does it in a bundt, but you could easily do it in a reg pan making sure to adjust the time to a normal cake temp and time. Plus - it is easy as... pie.

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    1. re: Sal Vanilla

      How do you convert a bundt pan recipe to a layer pan recipe? Does a normal cake pan take longer than a bundt pan? Does the cake taste better when it is baked in a bundt pan, or is it only a matter of presentation?

    2. I've been making marble cake for years - my mother's favorite birthday cake. It doesn't take any special recipe; a good white cake recipe works fine. I divide the batter into three bowls. I leave one plain, add unsweetened cocoa to the second, and tint the third with food coloring (usually red, but there have been instances of green or blue depending on how goofy I was feeling that day). My secret is to add a little flavoring to the white and colored batter. I typically will add a little almond extract to the white and something complimentary to the colored (mint with green, for example). Drop by small scoops into the pans and lightly swirl. Have fun!