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Dec 5, 2012 07:22 PM

Any practical nearby alternatives to Galatoire for Friday lunch?

Next month I am in town for a convention. On Friday I have to speak at one session until noon at the Hotel Monteleone and then chair another at 2:30 in the Sheraton. I am hoping to organize a lunch for 4 during that interval.

I gather that Galatoire although conveniently located to both is not practical for a Friday lunch on such a tight schedule since it takes no reservations(??) for that particular meal. Is my assumption correct?

Are there any attractive practical alternatives in that neighborhood? I don't require a resto as high end. And in fact cheaper would probably be better. What I seek is something where four can eat something distinctively NOLA and good for lunch and get in and out in about 90 minutes.

That evening some of the lunch party will be dining at August so we probably don't want to bust our budget and our guts twice in the same day.

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  1. Galatiore's accepts reservations for the upstairs section, which is fine for the food and less for the "show" of inebriated table-hopping in the famed downstairs space. But Galatoires's(up or down) is probably best experienced with no time constraints.

    Consider lunch at any number of other spots if you don't want a leisurely pace or expensive check, but still distinctively NOLA dishes. Muriel's alongside Jackson Square comes to mind (be sure to visit the "Seance Room" upstairs on your way out). I consider Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House to be comfortable, affordable, and under-rated. Restaurant R'evolution is doing lunch now with some great daily specials that emulate classic NOLA dishes from bygone restaurants at very affordable pricing. The decor there in the various dining rooms is a knock-out. If your party might be happy wearing bibs and slurping butter, Mr B's Gumbo Ya Ya and BBQ shrimp makes for a pretty classic French Quarter lunch experience.

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        I note that Revolution is doing Warren Leruth's Crabmeat St Francis on Friday and while I have not had Folse's version of it itis easy to make and I cannot see how it could be screwed up.(and I am not a slavish worshipper of Folse).

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          I think we will try R'evolution, despite that pretentious apostrophe.

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            Let us know how lunch is. I haven’t been for lunch yet.

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          Rib Room has a new chef that is rocking lunch.

        3. As google maps suggests. It is a 3 second walk from the Monteleone to Mr. B's Bistro.

          1. Nothing wrong with the other suggestions, but I'll add Palace Cafe. Three minute walk.